Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hot, damn!

My first summer in this apartment. I am tempted to say my last too, going by how this heat is driving me crazy. I hate apartments that are on the topmost floor for this reason. There is just a small A.C. in the living room, which does enough to cool a 2 sq. feet zone around it. So I sit in this "zone" as much as I can. Until the A.C. begins to bother my skin, dehydrate me and all that. Then I move to the bedroom, traversing through all the hot pockets of air. The bedroom doesn't have an A.C, but I have two huge pedestal fans surrounding my desk. Giving me a feeling of being some kind of royalty, with machines instead of those people who would fan the queen. Heh. Until I decide to step out of this zone and find myself tripping over the damned fans. Atleast real-life dasis would've moved and made way. Creature of habit, I made my cuppa chai, only to realise it was too hot to even drink chai. I just downed two large glasses of cold water instead and decided to throw the chai down the drain. Now I want my chai back. Heh. I hear a voice in my head go "so typical". :)


Prashanth said...

Spare a thought for us people in Chennai. Definitely hotter and... er... humid-er.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Temperature in chennai:
90°F (32°C)
Humidity: 40%

Temperature in phila:
87°F (30°C)
Humidity: 52%

so we're not too far behind chennai. and we've had our days of 100 F too!

Sakshi said...

Its a perfect 65-72 F here. Infact people are complaining that its been on the cooler side :)

P said...

Pedestal fans as have great imagination! :D
Drink some iced tea I say.

ferret said...

The weather is just perfect here in SF,, and only sometimes its cold and i have to wear a jacket :|

and btw, the label on the last post is ,, ummmm ,,great! :P