Sunday, June 15, 2008

I want

1. to finish this task I have been sitting on for ages.

2. to walk bare-feet in the sand on a beach somewhere and stumble upon a perfect sand dollar (like this).

3. to go to my cousin's wedding in hydie in august. i've missed out on all family gatherings in my family for the past seven years.

For now, i think only #1 is realistically possible. :)


P said...

Your post made me kind of sad. I NEED to do #1 too but don't feel like. And I want to do #2 and #3 or something similar so bad but can't do it :(

Sakshi said...

Sand dollar is also possible. I send. Ok?

Ms Taggart said...

Come no, to Hydie.. Lets all go to a beach holiday then! :)

sd said...

I want *always* to finish *some* task that I have been sitting on for ages.

ferret said...

i dont want to go to india, it might just come up out of nowhere and i might end up having to attend my own wedding,,, its getting a li'l scary being there :|

tgfi said...

what makes me said in turn is that i am writing posts like a grad student all over again! that's so wrong. ;) :)

you are in sf? COME TO EAST COAST! We'll do parrrty! come come come! (but in july or later only, haan)

Sakshi said...

@TGFI - I am hurt. Why was i not invited? :(

ferret said...

one trip to boston planned in july end, will take deviation to whereever the place you are,, parrrty to karna banta hai :D
or you can come to the bay area and do parrrty here also, that way sakshi need not be invited, as she will be hosting it for u :P