Sunday, June 22, 2008


I hate that Zee being tagged on to the end of words with such a passion! Cannot stand. And if anything, it should be lZol, not lolzzz, right? aargh.

In other news, I discovered "The Office" and it is a riot! I am beginning to see how t.v is capable of filling a void in one's life, like she often claims.

Monday eve blues have been effectively warded away. Never mind that I still have two loads of laundry to do and the dishes.


Pri said...

who said anything about a void? alright fine there is a freakishly large void. no wait that sounded terrible. i take it back.

i am however very proud that you are now into television. all this without even owning a television. it's amazing how many people i know [bloggers mainly] who don't own televisions and apart from that one fact they seem perfectly normal. also the office is great and all but we need to introduce you to 30 rock and weeds asap. alright i got to go watch the iifa pre show. muah.

Janefield said...

you got yrself a tv???? :O

Janefield said...
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Tachyoson said...

"House" , "CSI" (original + 2 spinoffs) , "Supernatural" ... all come highly recommended