Thursday, June 26, 2008

This post-doc life

I had my interview at the US Embassy in Ottawa today, to get my visa stamped. I approached the very chatty and friendly visa officer with all my papers..she commented on my pretty folder (Chimanlals),asked to see my Ph.D diploma, "oh wow you're a scientist.." what did I do between May and August 2007, etc. etc. I thought it was all going well until she asked for my employment letter, read it over, paused, had a raised eyebrows expression on her face and proceeded to ask,

"Oh MY GOD is that all you get paid for being a Ph.D?"


So she took pity on me and granted my visa too, no more questions asked.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying Ottawa..its nice and sunny and cheery and if the weather holds up I shall go biking later..may be I'll post pics and actually do a decent post on the trip later.


sd said...

Hehe. Some friends in India got confused, when I tried to explain to them that a post-doc is someone who "works" (and is not a student, i.e., she/he is on a work visa), but does not earn a "real salary" :)

Tabula Rasa said...

and here i thought they screened on the basis of income :-D

(who lets the riffraff in, anyway?)

ggop said...

You post docs are like medical students in residency!

Sakshi said...

Oh. Mail me when you get back. Came across some good fellowships.

In the meanwhile, have fun.

P said...

Good to know that there is at least one positive side of the post-doc salary :D

Janefield said...

enjoy khanada! and congrats on getting the visa :)