Friday, June 20, 2008

Thought of the day

Corollary to this

There are some things you will never understand. The sooner you stop trying to understand them, stop let them affecting you and learn to JUST IGNORE, the better for your general sanity and peace of mind.

A lot easier said than done. I am so angry right now.


shub said...

"Don't let things affect you" - Easier said than done, right? They always will, at some level atleast. But with a little perseverance, we'll get there hopefully.

Ohh, I just read the last line properly again. You said it :)

Rachna said...

Yes Yes Yes- totally agree.
But here are my mantras that I keep chanting to save my sanity

Dhairya and

They work!

La vida Loca said...


Sakshi said...

kopche mein leke kanpatti ke neeche ek joor ki kheench doon? Tum booich, apun karega.

Anonymous said...

can we ever "JUST IGNORE" or do we eventually come to terms with that irksome feeling these "things" cause because investing any more emotion , specially anger, into them is just too much effort?

That wasn't the right thing to say was it?

I hope you feel better though and yes take Sakshi up on the kaanpatti-ke-neeche-bajaane-ka offer.....helps immensely :)

- Intern

tgfi said...


will try those now

aww. :)!

thanks for the hugs..

yeah, ignore, come to terms, whatever. we've got to do what it takes to stop stewing in them forever..thanks am doing fine now.

Satish said...

you talking abt failed experiments again?

tgfi said...

lol @ satish,
no i'm talking about communication failure. :)