Thursday, June 05, 2008

W.o.m.m #21

Kabhi kabhi Aditi (I heard about it here first) I like. May not be the most brilliant music composition, I don't think. More hindi-pop and slightly predictable. But its catchy, very cheery and happy in an infectious way. Its acquired loop status for the past couple days on my computer.

How sometimes we write things or people off, only to eat our words later? I guess its okay- one cannot seal everything with finality.

A friend just told me all about his dream job. I hope that he gets to live it soon. I am not sure I have a dream job.


sd said...

Nice song. It is on loop status on my computer now:)

Tachyoson said...

dream job = job which pays you for dreaming.

not sure any of us does that.

deadlines strewn everywhere like the poisoned spikes of the Tarrasque.

Anonymous said...

I was actually disappointed with AR's composition - the lyrics are just too lame and the music just OK. I kept playing it hoping to love the album, like I end up doing with lot of AR's numbers.
kabhi kabhi aditi is probably the pick of the album.

too lazy to sign in.

P said...

Yeah, the song is quite simple but still I keep listening to it too! For some reason the kids in this movie don't make me feel old like other recent movies do :p

Dream job? Last time I had one was when I was in 9th standard. Then I grew up :) Now I only know what I absolutely don't want to do. Everything else sounds great :)

Tachyoson said...

gave the song a listen after all the positives on this post.

all i can say its good if you believe in the fakeness that seems to signify love nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Its a good song...I like it atleast... :)

Anonymous said...

kabhi kabhi aditi is quite brilliant.

But did you listen to this.

Gives a totally new definition to brilliance!

Anonymous said...

oops...this one:

Vidya said...

i too loved the song ..yes it did aquire the loop status in my ipod too :) ..and today morning while in the kitchen i cud hear my neighbour play the song repeatedly !

Kits said...

I think everyone should have a dream job. Dont mean to be preachy but while unattainable it allows us to hope for something more..cheers and take care