Monday, July 14, 2008

Assorted rants

Top on my list of what I hate about living in the US is how hard they make it for one to be able to see a doctor. Anywhere between 3 - 6 weeks waiting for an appointment with a GP. What a joke. It almost seems like I should just block a few dates every few months and hope that if in case I need to see one, it be around then. And there's no in between. Either its that or the E.R.! And when I finally get to see the doc, it will be a few minutes, brusque, rushed conversations and this whole meherbaani attitude, both from the doctors and the staff. I hate this current doctor I have and that whole office in general. Any surprises then that I put off seeing the doctor as much as I can? I am trying to switch now and hope I find another one close by.

Just found out that I screwed up an experiment. Added the wrong reagent. 8 plates of cells and 4 days of work down the drain. Genius TGFI.

Also just found out that I screwed up a reservation. Booked a 930 pm plane instead of 930 am. Breathtaking Genius TGFI.

Yeah. Just wucking fow.


Rachna said...

Can't you change the reservation time? If you book online from the airline website (and you are a member) it generally lets you do that. I do that all the time on Northwest. Have changed times/ days quite a few times at no extra cost. So Check!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

cant. northwest and southwest are nice like that. can't do on airtran. (costs $275 = change fee + difference in airfare- for a very closeby date)

sqrlnt said...

That long to see a doctor? you;ve probably done this, but try to see if you can change your plan to a PPP. you can directly go to a specialist, and they usually have smaller lines.. till then, for small coughs and aches, ask your pharmacist.. they are pretty reliable.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, for common coughs etc. i've taken to seeing an RNP or just buy stuff OTC. I've found its often more reassuring to meet with an RNP than a doctor.

I do have a PPP, and i was actually looking for a specialist first. When it was hard to get an appt., I decided to see the GP. Of course, I'm operating on a slightly limited choice trying to find someone close to where i live or can take bus to..

Thanks both of you, btw.

Will be trying to get on standby on an earlier flight..there are 5 flights going out so I should make one or the other and that shouldn't cost me.

La vida Loca said...

that much waitlist for a GP? odd! how v Canada of them!
Although cant u see a doc in ur University? At the Student health?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

unfortunately as i am a postdoc and not a student, i can't. i am employed by my boss and not the univ. rubbish nonsense.

Silvara said...

just one of those days hey??

sucks muchly...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

indeed. ...

Pri said...

remind me to introduce you to
DR. pepper.

beta go to doctor when u go to india no? fix off teeth eyes toes etc.

ggop said...

Oh TGFI, my sympathies on the doctor situation. I used to sit for hours in urgent care because of the exact reason.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to rub it in or anything but every time I make a reservation, I check the dates and time at least 3-4 times just to be sure.

arpz said...

hey, thats nothing, have you ever thought your exam began at 3 while it ended at 3? *sigh* if not, babes, you have nothing to rant about. Io lost a whole 6 months of my life due to that. :D who's the bigger genius?

sd said...

It is a shame about appointments with doctors... I had similar experience a couple of years back.

Regarding the other stuff... you know TGFI, you are truely living up to the image of absent-minded genius scientist! All is fine, don't worry:)

Tachyoson said...
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Tachyoson said...

hey TGFI , how you been, yeah this is something that a LOT of people moving from India to US/UK apparently find weird - no docs all the time.
does this mean india has TOO many docs? or us/uk has too few?

this post sounds like you been having a tachyoson-day/week/month!

here's to wishing you return to TGFI-day/week/month/year!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL. nothing wrong with my teeth/eyes/toes, bitch!

yeah- they have made a joke out of urgent care thanks to this.

you are asking to be banned. :p
no, but i do to. i don't know what the eff i was thinking that day.

oh nooooo!! i did sometimes study history for the day i had geography exam etc..but that sounds terrible terrible terrible!

yeah. the medical industry sucks here. i don't know about genius, absent minded for sure.

apart from few hiccups i've been okay. :) how are you? its not a problem of too few doctors, its a problem of booking patients back to back- an average doc sees about 30 -40 patients in a day! imagine that!

thanks..tgfi-days are no less. but yeah. life is like that.

La vida Loca said...

that only!
get well

phatichar said...

lol @ the last line ;))