Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best friends

How many best friends do you have? I don't see why one can't have more than one. I've a best friend from my childhood days, a set of best friends from school days and two from my grad school days. How they got that title? Mostly, by just being there.

Close friend sounds more appropriate than best friend, perhaps, but i like the ring the sound of "Best friend" has to it. "she's my best friend!"


Rachna said...

Hey, funnily enough, I was doing exactly the same thing 2 days ago- counting the number of my best friends and how long I have known them.
Most of them were in for a loong time- the range was from 19 years to 12.

But I also realized- I had NOT made any lasting friends after undergrad. All of these were undergrad and school friends.
I wonder? Despite having such friendships which have lasted so many years have we lost the capacity to make great friends when we grow up?

shub said...

I don't really like the term 'best friend', mostly cause it's singular. Usually end up saying "one of my closest friends". Yes definitely can have more than one.

ferret said...

i miss my best friends here!!!!! i want to go home :(

Pri said...

mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! sorry first the riddler's post, now this. i cant take it anymore. mummyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

What about your best boy friends? And the latest pansy one.. best best bf?

Anonymous said...

I think 'best friend' is a childhood phenomena. When we grow up, we generally classify our friends as friends, good friends and close friends.

tgfi said...

i think we all relate to that. just harder to build close connections as we grow up..


aww! call me! mail me. :)

you okay there girl?

you sound like the annoying little brother i never had. (and thank god for that).

there is no such thing as best boyfriends, btw. Unless, I suppose you're gay, eh?

yes, you're right. its kind of a childhood term. but i like!

phatichar said...

cute post :)

how've you been, girl? long time, huh?

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

I have one best friend from all the phases of life. One from school, one from grad school, one from my ex-workplace. And I can call each of them a "best friend". What can I do? People collect arts & crafts, I collect friends.

tgfi said...

:) i've been well..for most.. :) about you?

rambun..er..how about we just call you rambo?

"i collect friends"
i like that line! :)

Anonymous said...

Is that liking taken from the movie KKHH? Kajole says - He is my best friend! :)

No seriously, I feel you cant just rate friends and name one person the best friend. Sometimes equations change. I have close friends from major phases of my life!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

what's kkhh??

well, thats the thing. with best friends, no matter what changes, the equation never changes! thats how i feel...may be i am too idealistic, but its worked out that way with all my "Best" friends.

Partho said...

"Best friends" is a girlie thing, as in : My best friend's wedding. I suppose for menfolk to have a best friend is like, are you gay?
KKHH is that abomination from Karan Johar.