Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For the last time

Dear TGFI,

Gate number is different from seat number. Mixing them up will get you nowhere. At least not on a flight.

I am getting tired of your nonsense, really. Also mixing up the name of your destination with the name of the airport you are flying out of will do no good. Except make you look like one big fool, screaming at the kiosk machine for not processing your request while you insist on wanting to fly to the airport the machine (and you) are currently standing in.

Yeah, seriously.

On second thoughts, an intelligent machine will not have that option, no? They need to upgrade in airports.

Sorry for 2 am rambling. I just got home when I should've arrived at 11:30 am because, of course, remember that am flight i booked at pm instead? sigh


ferret said...

once you shud blog about a visit to the airport where nothing entertaining like this happens,, and i won't believe it :D

sd said...

The Incredible Airport Adventures of TGFI. Put it all together - it will be an instant best-seller :)

This may be hard to believe but a friend once boarded a WRONG plane! If you do write the volume you should consider asking him to write a few guest chapters!

Hope you have a good night's rest after your (mis)adventure.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

that's exactly what I was telling myself (After I went running to get the last train after all this). For ONCE, can I please have an uneventful airport experience?

haan bhai wahi baaki hai mere liye. I do think a lot about it, though- how and what happens when someone ends up boarding the wrong flight....:)

Sakshi said...

@TGFI and SD - Last flight back from wherever, a man boarded the wrong plane, fought with the hostess for double booking his seat, refused to get up from the place he was seating, generally made a big ruckus, till the pilot called his name and said this is the 2.40 pm flight to Housten not the 3.05 one, so please get off.
I think the entire plane cheered. Biggest popat it was.
Please dont top that, TGFI!

tgfi said...

heh. at least he was headed to the same city. I just don't get how one would board the wrong flight when the boarding passes have to be scanned at the gate. They have got to catch that, no?
I am slightly tempted to try, but no, I will not. :)

Anonymous said...

God! U and ur airport adventures... I cannot imagine how whatever you are doing is possible at all! :)
Go on, girl.. these adventures of urs will make us remember u whenever we go to the airport! :)

sd said...

I agree with Sakshi. Major popat.

The running joke we have with this friend of mine is: Whenever he boards a plane he must be typically asking the air hostess "Arre madam yeh plane xzy airport pe rukta hain kya?" :)

They don't always check with the electronic m/c at the gate, but there is an official who is tearing boarding pass into two pieces .... Thats how my friend made it to the wrong plane!

Pri said...

beta call me the night before any future travel date. we will do dry run over the phone. i will even make flowchart for u. ok? ok. also always look for starbucks inside airport. drink ginormous latte and shake head voilently for 7 minutes before embarking on journey towards seat.

[also always carry chapstick/pashmina/book in handbag. in the case of a delay you can survive on these three things alone for at least 24 hours]

tgfi said...

ms T,

your friend makes me look good. :)

in fact i did this time but i got a message saying this number does not exist. hmph.