Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yeah I know I am late to this a few years may be. :-) But I just unearthed the dvd from my stash and realized I had never seen the movie. So I finally got around to watching it today. Couldn't have been better timed. While the big obvious message..follow your dreams..definitely hit home, there were other aspects of it that invoked the warm fuzzies and made me smile. The two women threatening the coach not ot dash Iqbal's dreams..the chatty bespectacled kid sister quietly weeping at the fence watching her brother the dad finally relents and they go to see his match, only they can't afford tickets..Iqbal's untiring pursuit with the drunk coach..the teacher-student relationship between them.. all of these were so well done. I don't watch too many desi movies so the rare one I see also ends up making me miss random things about autorickshaws, and the desi kambals. No comforter-shumforter can provide the warmth and cosiness of a kambal.

Another thing about the movie was that it served as a refresher on the kind of ties our parents have with us. Over the years I have become slightly impatient..distanced, "Americanized"; I daresay, as far as my parents go. I can't deal with their (sometimes, to me) overbearing worry and concern about me. But in Iqbal, the mother's blind faith in her son's success, the father's obstinate stand that he knew what would be best for his son..the complicated web of hopes/dreams/reality and how he deals with it on a daily basis..was beautiful. It's hard to explain the kind of message I got out of all that..but I'll just say it reminded me to be bit more patient with my parents next time I am beginning to get irritated by their concern.

Nice, feel good movie. I should go sleep now.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to parents, even I have realized that off late I am being little too impatient with them, when they show concern or worry.
And I have seen few of my other friends also do it. So I dont quite think its something America has done to you.. :)
It could be the impatience the people of our generation are born with, and the reminder that we are growing old, but our parents are growing older, and we need to treat them like kids! :)

sd said...

After understanding the lesson of Iqbal, we at sd inc. request TGFI to take back statements like "I have pretty much kissed good-bye the dream I ever had of getting into the tenure track rut" from previous post.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Ms T,
It could be the impatience the people of our generation are born with

yeah, so true.

I don't take back anything. :p Yaar...frankly, becoming a professor wasn't even that much of a just seemed like the next natural thing one does when you are in grad I said, it doesn't appeal to me that much any more. ..

ferret said...

i have a lot, an awful lot of patience,, that is one of the few things that hasn't changed ever since i've known myself,,, ppl have said this about me in the most unusual of places and times that i probably can't even mention here!(really, i can't :P)
But i still am not patient with my dad, that is one resolution that i make ever so often and it just never works, i really hope someday soon i can!

ferret said...

and yea, it is a gr8 movie,, the only thing to do with cricket that i've ever liked.

Pri said...

see. there are good desi movies. want me to send u a list because really who else will have the time and the patience to do such wonderful things at absolutely no cost?

p.s. how awesome is that aashayein song?

satish said...

so nicely written

tgfi said...

i've also been known to be very patient..but i think age is catching up now. :)
yes movie was ossum. you didn't like lagaan?

aashayein is ossum, yes. ok u send list. i will see what to do with it. :p

thanks :)

ferret said...

oh yea! now that u say, i liked lagaan also,, probably just hate it in the reality then!!