Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Look Ma..no hands

So I was torn between the temptation to share my excitement (very palpable even a day after I did the bungee jump) with my parents, and the fear of worrying my poor mom who as it is worries enough about me. It didn't seem fair to give her more reasons to worry while I was busy getting an adrenalin rush. When I told them about my sky-diving adventure, my dad was quite excited and impressed, but my mom launched into a huge tirade and threatened to have me quit my Ph.D and come back. Later on, my cousin did it and sent them all a video link, and my mom went "how come you don't have a video? That was so great to watch". Grrrr... Finally, they saw my tape when they came to Lutom for my graduation, and I think the only impression my mom took away was that I was strapped to some random strange man and sitting so close to him on the plane. HAHAHA! [In a tandem sky dive, you are harnessed and strapped to the front of your instructor, and they pile like a dozen people into a small plane so you have to sit er..pretty..tight in front of your instructor....].

Well, finally the excitement won over caution and I blurted it out to my mom in the midst of my phone conversation with them. I prefaced it with "don't yell at me but you know what I did...I went buNGEEE JUMPING MOM!!". :D My mom's first question was "Did you have to hug and stick to some random man again?". AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! My mom is so cute.

Then of course I got the lecture, how she did not share my joy and excitement and how I shouldn't go off doing these things by myself and what if something happened..and I argued that the statistical probability of someone dying in bungee jump is the same as that of someone dying traveling 161 km by car so there you go..and she said shut up don't talk rubbish and and and..and finally I used my trump card and yelled out "Akka did it too and she never told you!".

Heh heh heh.

P.S: yeah expect a lot of bungee jump -related posts now..i can't get over it yet. :p


Tabula Rasa said...

v cool. did you do the splash?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

No, did not..may be next time. :)

Lekhni said...

Hey, she is quite good.. She did not, for instance, say "what happens if you break your legs,no one will marry you!!" I can imagine how that conversation would go :P

Anonymous said...

I wanna bungee jump too :(

Its pretty much on the top of my "must do at least once in my lifetime" list.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the way I can make everything about myself. I think its quite endearing :D

Rachna said...

All moms are the same- 2 weeks ago, I told mine that I started Salsa dancing classes, and her response was-
So do you have to hug and close dance with strange men?

Response number 2 was even worse: Don't drink in those classes.
(how she came up with THAT is something I can never figure out)

ggop said...

Ouch! Using brahmastra eh?

P said...

Moms know how to make the most annoying yet the cutest comments. Sadly, most of the times I realize the cuteness factor much later, usually few hours after yelling at her. :P

Sakshi said...

Tattle tale.

confused said...


Anyway, who will marry her?

tgfi said...

hell no! she wouldn't go down that route..

I totally recommend it! totally totally! and yes, quite endearing, if you insist. ;)

hahaha! LOL @ the don't drink bit. hilarious!
i actually once took my mom with me to one of my salsa classes, and she complained that my dance partner was smelling of beer. ahahhahahaa!

hehe yes. i think i don't have a place to go to in NJ anymore. ;)

:-). oh i can't beat my mom in a yelling match, however. :)

who's side are you on, lady?

your concern is touching

bongopondit said...

I argued that the statistical probability of someone dying in bungee jump is the same as that of someone dying traveling 161 km by car

Now...usually you couldn't get me to bungee jump, or skydive for a million dollars (though five mil. might convince me) and those who have tried to persuade me keep repeating these stats about probabilities being the same as a road accident etc.

However, no one is able to tell me if these are weighted probabilities ie expectation values. One would think that many more people drive than they bungee jump or skydive.

Sorry - I reckoned there had to be one geeky kill-joy comment :)
But great that you did both and survived to tell the tale.

tgfi said...

daddy, is that YOU?


Sakshi said...

@Bongo - But how many people drive @ 161 km?

Silvara said...

Isn't it the greatest rush?? I did with it wiht my huby on our honeymoon - though we'd get the trying-to-kill-each-other phase over and done with.

But my mum couldn't watch the video either lol....so cute!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol @ thought we'd get the trying-to-kill-each-other phase over and done with.

hehe your mom refused to watch the video?

Yamini said...

Hubby dear reacted the same way when I told him I was going sky diving and bungee jumping. He just wasn't too pleased with me. And he didn't sleep the night (I was in the US and he in India), waiting for me to call and let him know I was still alive.

Now, of course, he relates my adventure to others and says he is proud of me. Aren't loved ones just this way? They worry themselves sick about your safety, yet want the best for you. I am sure your mom is right now telling and re-telling your adventure stories to all relatives :).

Tachyoson said...

mums would ask THAT question, im sure!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

aww. :) thanks for the comment. You are probably right, i hope my mom is also proud of my adventures somewhere. :)

yeah. :)