Thursday, July 24, 2008

On relationships

I like

Being able to take liberties
Long cosy conversations
Feeling special
Letting go

I don't like

The ensuing fear of involvement, possibility of hurt, disappointment
Being responsible for another's feelings
Being answerable to another
The emotional investment
Having to let go
All of this makes it feel like a "jhanjhat" I can do without.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in life. Some risks are worth taking, and some hurt is worth living through.


aequo animo said...

too lonely and confused? get C&H collection :D

Anonymous said...

You are right about the jhanjhat!
But with patience, you will get into one where you will not need to do any of those! Believe me, girl! I talk with experience in both the categories! :)

shub said...

Nodding along in agreement. Adding "that feeling of vulnerability" to the second list.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

a a,
neither. just sleepless :p. But C&H is good any time. :)

ms T,
I guess... :)

yes, that too. too many deterrents?