Friday, July 18, 2008

W.O.M.M #24

To someone in particular, yes, I miss you every now and then. But that last phone call reminded me why I am glad to just miss you in a fond way, and not have to deal with you on a daily basis.

To someone else in particular, I had one of those 3 am awakenings again last night. Allergies, bad dreams, fighting with the air-conditioner. And yeah, I realised then that I missed having the liberty of calling you. But then, thats what friends in different time zones are for. :)

The bicycle has been christened Chameli! Thank you, aequo animo. :)

Oh yeah. My latest gripe. A colleague F and I went to visit one of our friends G who recently had a baby. G's parents were in town and we were treated to a wonderful home-cooked south indian meal, thanks to G's mom. As we were getting ready to leave, F gets asked if he'd like to take home some food, but I am not even asked! (And to top it all, F refuses, like a fool!). Why? Because F is a guy and is not expected to cook for himself, while I'm a girl and should be able to cook for myself and less deserving of getting some leftovers to take home?? Damn stereotypes.

As I remarked to F about it on our way back in the car, F, who happens to be an excellent cook - expert dosa maker and what not said "I don't know why you are so worked up, I am the one who should be offended, if any.". :)


Dee said...

tell me about it... I cook , its my duty, hubby cooks, Im lucky ... X-(

ferret said...

i am tired of being asked if i cook or not since the day i landed here, seriously tired of it now! and the first two things,, kinda same as womm too :|

P said...

I get the offer to take food home in spite of being a girl. In fact, sometimes I'm only to get the offer!
Reason: I'm the only single person among my group here and I have very well projected my image of being extremely lazy about cooking and household chored in general :p

aequo animo said...

:), if u ever visit us, u will be offered leftovers! :D

sd said...

Hehe! I am just coming back from a friends place. I ate the most amazing aloo paratha I have had in ages and brought some back too [Oh and there is home-made achar as well]!

ps: The key lies in being shameless: I asked for the parathas! Next time when you are out there, don't just keep quiet, be sure to ask for your "rights":):)

Tachyoson said...

note my post on the Other Side of the Male-Female divide !!

Anjana said...

hello!..came here from twisted_dna's also planning to apply for my MS in Biology to US...looks like you are in hte same field :) may i ask you which college you are in and in which program? do email me, if you dont think it a pain! thankyou!! :))

Anonymous said...

Looks like this F guy is a cool one...
And then, talking about stereotypes, haven't we seen enough of them in our life already that these things will not shock us anymore? :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

sigh. i hear ya lady.

kinda same as womm too :|

aww hugs!

good job on the image projection! :)

a a,
haan please. :D

damn you.
ps: that's what gets my goat- i shouldn't HAVE to ask for my rights. :@ :)

let me come see soon,

sorry anjana, i really wouldn't want to give out my school info. if you need general tips for applying etc email me with your questions and i'll write you back. although i applied 7 years ago and for phd programs only. (i am out of school now). good luck!

ms T,
yeah, F is cool like that. a guy who makes great dosas has got to be cool, no? Not shocked..just cribbing. :p