Friday, July 25, 2008

W.o.m.m #25

QOTD: Nothing will work unless you do.

I want to start spending less time online. To start with, not sign into GTalk while at work. Even if I only chat very rarely between experiments and stuff..its eating into my time now and there are better things I can do. When I was in grad school, I had mostly stuck to my "no IM at work" policy, and it worked out really well for me. Now that I use my own personal laptop in the lab I feel tempted to sign in. But it's going to stop from today. So lets see how that goes.

Question for y'all: When you surf and find interesting articles, blog posts you want to read etc. but can't get through them and would like to come back later just to read how do you save the links? I am not talking about marking unread in a feeder, because some of these are not blogs/feeds I have on my reader to start with, just stumbled upon by chance or blog hopping. I wouldn't want to sit and bookmark all of them either. So all you netizens, tell me what you do?

One of my lab mates is the most careless when it comes to working with radioactive stuff. It has been bothering me for a few days now. Yesterday I told him he needed to follow some rules, he was being inconsiderate towards others. My Ph.d advisor was crazy-anal when it came to using radioactivity in the lab and i can't understand how someone can be so inconsiderate and careless. He leaves soon, and just for the fact that he is an overall bad lab citizen even though a nice guy, I'm not too sorry to see him go.

Two post docs I know lost their jobs because their P.I's grants didn't get renewed. One prof on our floor has greatly downsized for the same reason. It's scary.


Sakshi said...

1. I find that gtalk eats into time. But being on east coast if I dont talk with a few friends in the day, I never get a chance other wise. And so, I live with that for now.

2. Use Zotero. Is amazing for this sort of thing. I add papers I read, science articles and even news stuff over there -you can even import it as a ref into word. Is real good.

3. I hate people who are careless with radiation. Its scary to work in a space which may be contaminated. I swipe the area and then work when a certain someone has been working in the lab. I am not paranoid about radiation since I have been working with it for long, but I am careful about it. Treat it with respect. On the other hand, I get irritated with people who are scared witless about it (i mean beyond reason - omg you have P-32 behind the plexiglass shield, will I get radiated kinda beyond).

Sqrl/TA said...

I use google notebook, I think its an add-on in mozilla, but it is SO useful. try that out. I guess its similar to what sakshi recommended.

The best way to stop surfing @ work is 'forget' to bring the laptop one day, and you realise how much work you get done all of a sudden. Also, staying invisible helps..

of course, i do that and still goof off by visiting facebook and commenting on blogs..:( have to work on that:(

Sakshi said...

But being on east coast if I dont talk...
I meant with friends being on east coast.

Sigh me and my typing.

Also echo you on downsizing. But as my PI said - if I have to let go of people, it will be the senior people. They burn a bigger hole in my pocket than you fresh out of grad school (holy cow, I get paid that much!) people :D

La vida Loca said...

that is scary! but then if there is no research money..what will they do?

Anonymous said...

I find very quick and useful.

Patrix said...

Re:unread articles.

1. Create a 'toread' tag in
2. Install the add-on in Firefox (if you are not using FF, then start now!)
3. Clicking on the TAG button in the browser after installing the add-on opens a pop-up window which you can use to tag the link. Add 'toread' tag among others
4. When you've time, go to your and open the 'toread' tag.

Tachyoson said...

1. could try www DOT evernote DOT com, if you're interested i have an invite. alternatively use Foxmarks for Firefox if you want ONLY the bookmarks.

2. gtalking at work is draining , both by too much g-gabble and too much frustration at not being answered

bongopondit said...

In addition to Pat's idea about delicious, I would recommend upgrading to FF3 - it has a quick and easy bookmark tag: a star on the right of the address window. It also allows you to create tags for your bookmarks and asks if you want to simultaneously save to

The only way to escape downsizing is to start applying for own post-doc grants and hope you get one. PIs wont let go of people who pay their own salary.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Zotero seems great..but I think what I want is something to store links temporarily- like a scratchpad of sorts- so that I can read it at leisure and then not have to store it any longer. Let me see how it works for that. thanks.

And with you on 1 and 3.

what kind of a name is that anyway? :)
let me try out google notebook too! thanks for suggesting. yeah- coincidentally today i forgot kalia's adapter. so i could only use the laptop strictly on need basis. It was really liberating!

yeah, what do they do? its a tough climate right now.

anony, might be what i need. will try. thanks for pointing it out.

thanks for the step by step instructions! i think this is exactly what i need. will report after trying. and yes of course i use FF! :)

hmm.. yeh bhi dekhenge. thank-you for the idea.

yep. will upgrade too. thanks. and you're right on about getting ones own grant. thanks for the reminder. :/

Anonymous said...

THis is what I do -
I have my Firefox open, and I browse always on it. My IE is for official purposes only.
So, Firefox has this feature where whenever it launches, it launches the old pages that were open when it closed. So I just dont close any of the tabs until I have read them all.
Sometimes the number of tabs is as high as 10 when I am busy, and thats when I know, I should take sometime out for myself, and I spend one evening reading all the stuff I want to read.

If there is a good post/link that I really really like, then I bookmark it, but otherwise, this is what I pretty much do. And since I have this habit of clearing up clutter which includes unread tabs and emails, without which I feel restless, I am able to manage this way! :)

Anonymous said...

There was this time in my life when I just could not live without signing to Yahoo, those were the days when Gmail wasnt there.

Now, I dont have GTalk on my lappie at all, and my Yahoo Msgr has not been opened in ages. The only way I keep in touch with friends is through the GChat window in the GMail, or through Orkut/Facebook. And I feel that it saves a lot of time, and even if I dont have work, I just go about reading on the net, instead of chatting on IM.

aequo animo (advocatus diaboli) said...

google notebook is what i use. but Honestly, if its not that imp/interesting to be be read immediately, its worth not reading it :D