Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On (writing) buddies

C is one of my close friends from grad school and our lives are running on amazingly parallel tracks right now, both in and out of lab. So we are supposed to be nagging each other on our writing and help finish up our respective I call C to get a status report as we hadn't touched base in a few days. I have in front of me our shared google document where we are listing goals for the day, etc. I am in full serious mode and this is how the conversation goes as soon as I call:

Me: C, kya haal? Kidhar tak pahuncha paper?
C: Tgfi, paper shaper to koi ho nahin raha, lekin lagta hai ladka phans gaya hai.

I think thats mighty productive. :-)


Anonymous said...


When would I meet a girl who would phansao me? That's like a dream for me.

satish said...


aequo animo said...

Lol.. and u still not "Leap"ing?

Anonymous said...

Chalo... kuch to progress hain!
I must say I am impressed to know that a Bio geek is using Google so well.. I mean, I dont use Google spreadsheets so much, or is it because I have a reason not to? :)
Whatever... Kidhar tak pahuncha paper?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Raj, Satish,
and all other guys who may come here and sigh, I must let you know that C is a guy.


a a,
hehe. i'm still looking. ;)

ms T,
oh I love google everything!

dont ask about paper. :/

satish said...

double sigh

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol @ satish!! kya chahiye tereko??

ferret said...

and now that you say C is a guy,, i can bet he is gorgeous!!!!! :(

P said...

Very good progress I say :D

Btw will you add me to that nag-to-write buddy list? Maybe it will work better than the nagging from the advisers and family members (I can't nag them back and so I don't pay attention to them mostly).

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

eh...i wouldn't go as far..but he's a darling, fosho'. :)

:). please girl, just don't make the mistakes i did. really!

Anonymous said...

So what if C is a guy? I still stand by my sigh and dream! ;)

tgfi said...

sure thing, you should! :)