Friday, August 01, 2008

W.O.M.M. #27

The first comment to a blog post (not counting inane ones like "gold!" ) is always the most exciting to me, for some reason.

I have discovered I have this compulsion. Of taking a seemingly empty tube of face wash or toothpaste or any such thing..and squeezing out at least 5 more uses from it. So what looks like a flat empty tube that needs to be thrown in the trash can to most people calls out to me like no other. And I can't rest till I get that last bit of lotion out of the inner sides of the tube. Koi ilaaj hai iska?

And while we're at it, I cannot stand it when people squeeze the middle of the tube of toothpaste either. Why would anyone do that? Why???


Recursive paranoia: like that bungee jump ..I keep coming to the same spot and then freak out, unable to let go any more. After a point every small thing sets off warning bells, instead of being simply enjoyed. Unlike the bungee jump, I'm not that sure I even want it. A small part of me is curious about how it will be if I take the leap, a small part frustrated at my freezing up. Rest is all clouded by all encompassing fear.

Talking to m, the guy who probably taught me more about commitment/relationship-phobia than I ever knew myself, and exposed me to the ugly face of this has actually helped. I told him how much it freaked me out that I am now starting to sound like him. :) Most people wouldn't take that too kindly. Luckily m understands. And presents a great case in favour of letting go. Coming from him, i might even buy it. But it is left to me to finally make the leap.


Shripriya said...


Now... on the tube thing, I am so with you. I think I have tube-OCD. First I bought tube squeezer thingies. They are little plastic devices that attach onto the tube and squeeze every last drop/dollop from the tube. These work great for toothpaste.

But there are tubes for which these tube thingies don't work - gooey creams. For these, I have resorted to... yes, well, I have resorted to cutting them open and scooping the cream out!

I mean - what is up with these companies that make the casing of these tubes so thick that you have to waste it?!

Weirdly it is not a monetary thing. It is a "why waste" thing. I feel wasteful if I don't. Like I am messing with the environment.

Anyway, there it is. I am proud to say though that I have NOT succumbed to cutting open toothpaste. The mess/waste ratio is not worth it. That much damage to the environment I am willing to accept :)

Sakshi said...

I guess, I do that with toothpaste mostly because I forget to go and buy :P

But M sounds a wise guy. Take the leap. Its ok if you fall or not. But better than wondering forever, no?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ROFLMAO Shripriya, I am so glad you commented here. I would've never admitted to the cutting the tube part. :/ And instead of plastic thingies I just use the know the desi thing in the kitchen to hold hot vessels?

Yeah, cutting open toothpaste is not pretty....

yeah, I do it even when I have my back up stock sitting right there in the cabinet. And unlike Shripriya, I don't even think I bother so much about the environment while I'm doing it. ..

its ok if you fall or not. But better than wondering forever, no?

yeah i agree. if only i can translate all that into action.:/

Rachna said...

I always- yes, always- cut the tube open. Toothpaste, body cream, whatever! Just the 'no waste' thingy.

Take the LEAP!!

satish said...

what was WOMM again??

aequo animo said...

I bet no guy does it! :D ( its all due to estrogen ;) )

aequo animo said...

i mean, the cutting open/ using squezing thingies part. Leap is another story altogether! :D

shub said...

Totally the same on squeezing the life outta toothpaste tubes :D And yes! What IS it with people squeezing the middle of the tube? That is SO wrong!!!! [I need help too :P]

tgfi said...

et tu?

what's on my mind! now i will include a guide of sorts in the sidebar.

a a,
hahaahahha! good thing you explained yourself.:)

yay us! we can form a little tube-cutters anonymous. :)

chirpy-paaro said...

Hey, Have been reading your blog since while...loved them..You have been tagged..:)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hi chirpy paaro! :)
thanks! and thanks for the tag. will get around to it..i might've already done something like that :)