Monday, September 08, 2008

Flower power

I could write about my fun weekend celebrating my niece's third birthday...-we went to this farm in NJ where the kids fed the animals, squealing in delight as the sheep licked corn off their tiny hands, went on a hayride around the farm and oooooh-ed in collective delight at the birthday cake, etc etc. It was all such fun. Except the part where one of the guests asked me "Oh, you're (tgfi's sister)'s sister aa? The one who has to get married?" ROFL. I guess that was funny too, in its own way, and put in perspective the whole "I love how desi NJ is" feeling I always get when I go there. Heh. Well, I guess that was the gist so there. I can also get all carried away and senti about how my darling niece is THREE YEARS old, but seriously, don't want.

I could also write about how, ever since I discovered a way to cut my travel time to/from NJ by 30 mins by a train-bus combination, I have been taking the liberty to stay back at my sister's on Sunday night and come home Monday early morning, able to go to work right away. I have been super-thrilled about the discovery, and proudly explain it to people who have lived around here for a while and still didn't know about it. Thats exactly how I figured it doesn't excite everyone as much, so I'll leave the gory details out of this post. (Plus, then anyone reading this could figure out where I live).

That brings me to how I missed my connecting bus today because of a totally unhelpful conducter (yes, the same connection I was raving about 2 lines ago) and how miserable it made me, set me back by a whole hour and had me twiddling my thumbs at the train station for about 40 mins, sulking and angry.

But tales of missed buses and trains are way over done here, so we shall let that pass too.

Which then brings me to what a rotten day I had today, after that splendid weekend, experiments (that I slogged over on Friday night and Saturday) being a total bitch, and then all kinds of downers from people close to me..that I am finding it hard to put a finger on what exactly brought me down..but it could very well be a combination of all of it. Again, experiments bombing is kinda old news on here, and the other stuff is yet unresolved and unsorted to blog about..SO, I decided to dedicate this post to flowers and the unique cheer-upping effect they have.

I picked up this bunch of flowers at the farm we went to for Kavita's birthday, and they were the freshest, most vibrant looking flowers I've seen in a while. All the way home, through the missed bus and the ensuing spat with the conductor and then the long wait at the train station, they invited admiring glances from one and all that passed by me. Several stopped to ask "Are these from your garden? They're so fresh!" or just remarked "Beautiful flowers!" I like to think they brightened up the dreary Monday morning for more people than just me, and also totally neutralized my misery while waiting at the station for forty minutes. It was hard to keep the scowl on my face while holding this beautiful bunch of flowers. And when I went to work and read email and got mired in the daily grind, I had totally forgotten about them, only to come back home after a long day's work and find them sitting pretty and bright on my table. :) How can anyone not like flowers?


Sakshi said...

/nasal twang
Phool tumhe bheja hai...

shub said...

I want me some flowers too. Okay, I'll get me some tomorrow :)

chirpy-paaro said...

Flowers are best thing.....:))

ferret said...

>> How can anyone not like flowers?

do you really know someone who doesnt??

and with your record of missing trains and buses, you still do spend effort in finding train-bus combinations to save 30 mins! that is little funny :P

V said...

Did the flowers stay fresh after the train/bus ride? Yes, I love being a wet blanket in such situations.

And I know exactly where you live. I lived around that area last summer and would take the same bus/train combo to Jersey.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


got some? what kind?

Chirpy Paaro,
indeed! (may be next to chocolate)

do you really know someone who doesnt??

actually, yeah. :/

and very funny- i strive to save time and make the train/bus, tyvm. :)

yeah, the flowers survived the ride well, they were fresh for a whole day after that, some of them still look good today. :)

and why didn't you tell me! you could've forewarned me about how easy it was to miss the connecting bus! ;)

V said...

Wow, I gotta tip my hat to those flowers because they survived SEPTA! I'd dread riding on those buses/trains. Buses especially, knowing my luck, there would always be a junkie sitting next to me.

And I didn't know you lived around that area, man! Forget about the forewarning, I'd have dropped off some flowers for you! Hahahaha. I'm kidding.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

there would always be a junkie sitting next to me.

Well, at least this didn't happen to you, eh?

and yeah- you could've dropped off some flowers too! ;)

V said...

That is scary. I'd rather have a smashed up dopehead sitting next to me, minus the hammer though.

And flowers are on their way.