Monday, September 15, 2008

In a hypothetical situation

if you were just introduced to the new grad student in your lab called Tom, and he comes to talk to you about your project, and you tell him all about it, cracking nerdy jokes, etc. etc. and as you see him grinning more and more, you keep upping the nerd humour, DON'T. Because its very possible that his name is Jeff, not Tom, and the grin on his face keeps getting bigger because you insist on calling him Tom throughout the conversation.



Sakshi said...

That is the reason why I refuses to call anyone by their names in my lab - considering they all have names that I can't pronounce, and all have "american" names that are similar. It also meant I refused to pick the lab phone :P

Sakshi said...

Sheesh - make that -
that is the reason why I refused to..
Now I sound like those cheesy Orkut fellas who want to do frandship and write poems on my smile.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

this didn't actually happen, y'know. its a hypothetical situation. :p
lol @ your inglis.

Pri said...

see this is why i just call everyone dude. it's particularly helpful in situations where i cant tell for sure what gender the person is.

p.s. i just realized dude might not be appropriate for people of your um age group. how about doctor?

p.p.s how many times does one need to repeat a person's name during a conversation anyway? what are you sarah palin?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Dude! tom/jeff is a 1st yr grad student. so like, no Dr.., he's more age group and like, dude is so totally appropriate!

and # of times his name came up
1) Jeff: Hey tgfi, do you have some time to talk about your work now
Me: Sure thing, TOM, take a seat! I was about to go to the gym but this is a great excuse. heh heh heh

2) Me: Screaming across to labmate- hey, TOM has some questions about xyz, i told him you're the xyz guy, not me. Help him out later, ok? (stupid labmate has earphones on and hasn't heard a thing, so i carry on)

3) Jeff asks a question about my stuff.
Me: that's a great question, TOM, you just about made my day by asking me that. Now here's how it works...blah blah blah. (stupid jokes thrown in) Tom/Jeff is grinning.

4) Jeff: Thanks a lot tgfi, it was nice talking to you.
Me: It was nice talking to you too, TOM. and if you decide to take that up remember blah blah (one more stupid joke) and Tom/Jeff leaves, grinning some more.

Lurker said...

Umm.. that was a lot of explanation for a *hypothetical* situation. :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hahaha! i have such a wild imagination, i tell you...

Sakshi said...

My ingliss is good only. What you talking about???

Ludwig said...

lol. your description of conversation in comment #5 vaguely evokes memories of Sarah Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson. to paraphrase, "You know, Charlie, the Russia is outside my, Charlie, window and the Ahmedinejad is, Charlie, in the nuculear proliferation, Charlie, and I didn't blink, Charlie, and the colour of the crude is, Charlie, brown, Charlie..."

something like that, anyway. it's on YouTube, quite inadvertently funny, we thought.

Pri said...

thanks ludwig for pointing that out.

in other news is it okay tgfi if i'm a bitch to random people in your comment box?

ferret said...

even i did that once, something like that, only it wasn't a lab,,although they were mixing some liquids in the place, but it wasnt a lab i m sure. anyway, so i kept calling these two guys using their names interchangeably, and they kept correcting me everytime, but i was only thinking why do they keep mentioning the other guy's name in unrelated conversations. and one guy had a really sore throat that day, so he couldn't talk much, and he stopped trying to point out mistakes after some time.
but this must've been funny, did u notice other people in the lab grinning too, how come nobody corrected you,,, in the hypothetical world that is..

chirpy-paaro said...

Thanks for warning!!!Will keep in mind..

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol. i meant to say in that comment that indeed, it was quite palin-esque. but i got tired after all that typing i guess and forgot. :p

is it okay tgfi if i'm a bitch to random people in your comment box?

why? what's your blog, and your sicrit blog for?? :p

hahaha mixing liquids is it? LOL @ your story. i'm so happy. i'm sure lots of you have done it. nobody really could hear me..our lab is quite noisy and people are off doing their own thing..

chirpy paaro,
:) hee. you're welcome.

ferret said...

ok, now, mixing measured quantities of liquids in glasses and shakers and all that ok!! good stuff u know!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i know, i know. ;)
nice new profile pic.

Sakshi said...

@ Pri - You can bitch about me here. I am lazy to click link to your blog. This way we can drag TGFI into it openly :P

V said...

That was funny. Didn't he bother correcting you?

Pri said...

sakshi? oh wait i know! you're the other scientist chick with the deep rooted hatred for hindi movies released after 1967 and all things dp and now you will be blogging about the use of the term chick. where have you been fool? i thought we were blogger buddies united through the power of lajjo jee.

Sakshi said...

@Pri - Hatred for movies after 1967? NOOOOOOO! I Lou 80s crap! Lav lav it! Seen all shit twice, first day first show and then the second one to just convince myself it was that hilarious!
I liked being called a chick - that implies yellow. Not brown . And fluffy and cute. All three things I am not. Oh wait - I am fluffy :)
I wanted faux war so I can be entertained at work. Killing cute furry thing can only cheer you for so long. Also its been a long time since I spammed TGFI's space. She is now basking in the warm relief after removing wv. Now I can douse her - with spammmmmm!

Anonymous said...

God! Lajjo you are really a nerd! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Sakshi, Pri,
get a room, will y'all?

he tells me yesterday he was trying to focus on science and didn't get a chance.

ms T,
:D this was a hypothetical situation!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you said chick? you said scientist chick!?????

Pri said...

my bad. what do we think of geekling?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

its gotta be ivy-leaguer. please. thank you.

Sakshi said...