Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's all good

Things have been quite stressful at work..and I had been pretty miserable and non-productive. I decided to get away from it all and catch up with M, one of my close friends from my grad school days who lives 1 hour away. I slept most of the way on the train to her place, partly due to being tired from everything and my brain in overdrive. I don't think M's husband was expecting to see me get off the train with a bike seat in my hand, but I explained to him how I had to rush to the train station from the lab and park my bike at the station and hence... He was just relieved to know that I wasn't swiping parts from here and there to build my own bike. :-) As soon as I met M, I felt a sense of calm and relief wash over. It was a day really well spent, we talked about good old lutom days, bad lutom days, my current work woes..boys, Palin and everything in between. Mostly it was the warmth, that nice familiar comfort and the feeling of unspoken support that I enjoyed. Not to mention her awesome cooking and sitting relaxed on the couch while her husband made us chai later in the evening. Things have a way of working themselves out, they reassured me, and reminded me of all those battles I fought and won when I was in Lutom. I'm going to go with them on this, and work my way through this time too.

Yeah. It's all good. :)


Sakshi said...

Hugs babes. Things will work out. I will bring you kaju katli, ok? Ok.

Sakshi said...

And why is my comment in moderation!

Sakshi said...

Hmph. I protest. No kaju katli for you..

V said...

Nice to hear.

@Sakshi: I love Kaju Katli too.

Sakshi said...

@V - If you promise to keep me updated on football, I might just bring you some.

shub said...

Hugs :)

V said...

@Sakshi: Oh, that's easy!!

For starters, Steelers play Ravens tonight, I hope they win because last week's loss still haunts me, especially because I spent 20 bucks on beer watching them play. Parker being out is no good, and rumor has it that Ravens know an easy way to sack Big Ben at every down. It'll be an interesting game. Bring your Katlis, I shall supply the beer.

Sakshi said...

Oh V, hold your horses fella. The katlis come after the pilgrimage back home. I am going to miss 5 weekends of football!!! That is the only bummer in this trip.
(Yes, I am trying to make everyone jealous. :P)
It is then that I need a breakdown of things. And TVoing of big games. You in? I will throw in ma ke haath ke laddoo in too.

v said...

You got it, Sakshi!

Talking about sports is my favorite time kill! And anything for laddoos! :D

As for the Steelers game tonight, I almost fell asleep on the couch watching it so I figured I might as well go to sleep for real. Ben got sacked twice already, two interceptions already (Did you see the 5 yard throw? What the hell was that about? There was no sign of black jerseys when he threw the ball!).

aequo animo said...

Remember the world is your imagination. so is stress and lack of productivity. ;)

Tachyoson said...

In an insane world,glad for some sanity in our friends!

Ni said...

I am happy :)

ok, I am happy for you :)

Sakshi spamming :0


see I could hve posted 6 comments but I have one only. good girl me :)

Sakshi said...

@Ni - Hmph. Is not spamming! Is negotiating. Pliss to make a note of difference :P