Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its about to go

Every once in a while I feel like changing something about this blog. Having threatened quitting more than once, found the most awesome template ever (or in any case too lazy to change that now :p ), changed the format of posts, taken archives off and on a few times, what is left now? I feel like messing with it yet again. Like they say, keeda. So, I've decided to take off sitemeter. Ooooooh. Scary thought. I am addicted to sitemeter in an almost pathological way. Its borderline disgusting even to me. So may be if I take it off, it will put an end to one of the many ways in which I waste my time, and will be liberating too. Now I wont worry if that login from is someone who knows me or that hit from hyderabad india are my parents or that person from philadelphia who spent 3 hours on my blog going through all my archives lives right next door!

What say? Shall I? Shall I???


La vida Loca said...

Nooo dont do that!
If u do, put a different site tracker in its place.

Ni said...

yes yes
I felt sooooooo good when I got rid of that stupid tracker.
and change the template we are bored too.
and , and nothing

Ludwig said...

how does one get addicted to Sitemeter? i've got one of these thingumabobs (StatCounter, i think), but hardly even look at it. this Sitemeter must be something...

and i am definitely one of the hits from Hyderabad, sleep easy. apart from the extended family, of course :P

aequo animo said...

Hmm.. I suggest take off site meter and make blog private. and invite readers :). You will be far more peaceful. ( do invite me though :D)

Tachyoson said...

solong as you keep on writing, the doodads are all superficial.

ferret said...

i second ni, time to change template.
and if its from hyderabad, or bangalore or sf, its me,,, in short addicted to your blog, so do anything but 'try' to quit again :)

Pri said...

suggestions to make tgfi's blog less dull:

1. make bipartisan naked collage background of former presidential candidates. [must include dennis kucinich border]

2. start weekly science contest. this will ensure the geek portion of your blaudience [9 out of 10 readers] is made to feel special.

3. upload more ghastly pictures of fresh flowers you picked yourself with fun stories to go with them.

4. link to and comment about more sepia mutiny posts in the hopes of angering more of the abd community.

5. write detailed tributes to your favourite blogger and commentator.

muah. we must go save another dying blog now.

tgfi said...

vida loca,
hmm.. i still haven't taken it off. :)

hmm.. see now. what's a girl to do?
oh you want new template? great. that'll give me something to fiddle with. ;)

sitemeter tells you what city, what domain people come from, also what search terms they might've used or what link they followed to get here if any. its quite cool..lots of unnecessary trivia that nobody needs. ;)

a a,
ah. private blog doesn't make much sense to me, to be honest. if i have to take it off, it goes off completely. but for now, i'll take the readers, all included. :p

true that.

hmm..ok..will mull over new template. and i bow to your threat. ;)

working on collage, love science quiz contest idea, and will work through that list as time permits. :-)