Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So the birthday was fun and all, but the downer? Drunk me forgot my jacket at the bar. It was a nice black leather jacket- bought from Dharavi when I was first getting ready to come to the US way back in 2001. My best friend N and I went from store to store, haggling. N made sure I got the best deal, nice looking, well-fitting jacket. N has always been that kind of friend for me. Takes me shopping and always either insists on paying for my stuff or makes sure I get the best bargain. Its so much fun to go shopping with her.

I was looking at the photos from Fri night. In the beginning, you can see the jacket piled on my backpack beside me. Towards the end, along with that glazed eye look I adopted, the jacket is nowhere to be seen. I imagine it slipped off and fell on the floor and nobody noticed.

Called the bar and asked them, they say nobody turned one in. It also had my nice (and only) pair of gloves in its pockets. I feel so bad. It was a nice expensive jacket, got compliments and envious looks every time I wore it. More importantly, it had such a fond memory associated with it. N accompanying me patiently and uncomplainingly in the slush and mud in the rainy season in Dharavi.

It didn't really matter to me that N forgot to wish me on my birthday this year. (A first). I messaged her and reminded her to do so. It really sucks that I lost that jacket.


Pri said...

pliss to be joining line at homeless shelter for charity palin jackets post election day. [do not pick the hideous pink one made famous on katie couric day]

sakshi said...

Well, the bar is not the Apple store... :P
Is this going to be a saga with you (like missing flights?)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i already have hideous pink one.

LOL! i hope not! :(

Arpz said...

sheesh! I lost my sweat shirt sometime last week too .... my fav one :(

Tachyoson said...

Yowch.Party relatd stuff loss.Think of it as fun tax!

greensatya said...

I can understand losing jackets and gloves after getting drunk.

Sad that no one turned it in. I am not sure but few months back there was news that Lindsay Lohan swiped someone's jacket from a bar. Something like that might have happened to your jacket.

I think gloves are number 1 on the list of most lost objects when drunk. Anway, is it that cold in US these days ?

Kits said...

That totally sucks..the memories I feel make the object more important and we feel the loss so much more then..sorry am in senti preachy..hope u find the jacket :)

tgfi said...

that sucks yaar. feel your pain

haan, i guess i'll think of it that way.

its not cold enough yet for gloves, but my gloves just happened to the in the pocket.

hmm. yeah. nahin yaar..wont get it back now. its gone. i've made my peace with it.

cris said...

Hope you got it back by now