Friday, October 10, 2008


How does one bridge the gap between knowing what to do and then actually doing it? So you bitch and crib and rant about your situation to anyone who's willing to listen. People give well meaning advice, and you're tired at some point because its not anything you didn't know.

Less talk, more do. That's what I need.


aequo animo said...

so stop talking. Manytimes, End is also the means.

Rachna said...

Story of my life- I do this for everythign- my motapa,, looking actively for a job.. anything. I know what to do- but actually do it?
Ansd I wonder why I can't bridge the 'gap'?
Is is deep-seated laziness??
I just sit and crib about my fatness, or being unemployed.

Why? Seriously asking you, why?
I really wonder why I am not doing all this things I should be!

Sakshi said...

but bitching is necessary. You need to get to a point where its so intolerable that you have to resort to action.

Oh wait! Thats procrastination. Never mind.
"Do. Do. Do." is your new mantra

ferret said...

how!! hmm.. maybe by finding something to blame it on. If you can justify the gap, its all good!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

a a
yeah..less talk more do...

i have no clue why. :p

yes, do, do, do. it is.

heh. the blame game won't work re..

Tachyoson said...

To do something,follow the Nike adline.
But thats boring.Finding some people to crib with,thats FUN.

Ni said...

na getting this wrong
it is more talking more doing
and whole lotta bitching