Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I can strike "hit on random guy in bar" off my list now.

Yeah, the big 3-0 was celebrated in style. :) Cannot divulge all the details, but suffice to say that I'm still kinda sorta hungover from Friday night.

Cool bar. My best friend from school and a couple other friends. Not having to wait for a table in said cool bar. The end of what was a very stressful week in a string of stressful weeks. Evening kicked off with an awesome chocolate martini. Presents. Good conversation. More drinks. Hmm. Things get blurry here. There was cake they tell me, and a candle that said 29, just to appease me. I don't remember. But that was a sweet thing to do.

Said random guy also had a girlfriend there with him, I was told later. Heh.

It's a good thing I don't live in New York. :D

As I am told about the events, I've traversed feelings of disbelief, embarrassment, remorse and finally arrived at pride. Indicating it was time to brag on blog about it. :p


anantha said...

Happy birthday (belated that is) :)

Arpz said...

puttina roju shubhakanshalu.
(belated) :)

Clast said...

Happy birthday!(!!)

Cris said...

Wow really? I thought these things only happened for well other people. Err you are other people I guess hehe! Belated happy birthday! Have fun!

Sakshi, too lazy to sign in said...

Wooo hooo..
a small step for TGFI, a giant leap for the readers... now get writing the details. Or I wont tell you what all I did here ...hehehehehe.

tgfi said...

thanks :)

chaala thanksu. :)

thanks! how you been? is it ok to link your new blog here?

yeah, I also always thought they happened to other people. That night I was "that" girl. :p

hmph. i don't want to know how much fun you're having. :p

mazhalai said...

Happy birthday

ferret said...

i read that last comment's reply first and imagined all sorts of things u cud be talking abt, before reading this. But this is great too :D
and i m familiar with the disbelief, embaras... whole cycle,,, its fun all the way :p

La vida Loca said...

happy bday!!!

ggop said...

You celebrated in style. That's important for milestone birthdays :-)
Belated wishes,

Clast said...

I've never been so busy, but somehow I'm surviving. Still dropping by your blog now and then :) and, yes, of course it's okay because the link you have now has been dead for a long time. My non-abridged one is clast3.blogspot.com

bongopondit said...

Happy B'day and welcome to the 'other side' :P

You have good friends, my friends played 'another one bites the dust..' on my big three-o.

Tachyoson said...

Happy Birthday!Enjoy every day !

qsg said...

What a way to celebrate the big 3-0. Demand details

Rachna said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, TGFI- you know what- you share your birthday with my Mom... scary ;)

Drunk and picking up people is the BEST way to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thanks :)

heheh. i wonder what you were imagining? yeah, the beginning of the cycle is more fun for people who witnessed your craziness and tell you about it, i think. :/

:-) thanks girl.

so they say. and then i have to keep reminding people its my 29th! :) thanks

school life is taking its toll? i'll update the blogroll soon. good to see you here.

thanks. yes yes, i have good friends. they still talk to me after my drunken harkatein.
lol @ another one bites the dust! :)


abbe details ki bacchi.

do i? belated wishes to your mom! and why scary! and i didn't pick up the guy y'all! hit on him and was whisked away before the girlfriend and i got into a catfight, perhaps. :p

Pri said...

happy birthday you! sorry about the 30 part.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

don't be, kid.