Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This tangled web

I need a simple day. I'm not asking for miracles, or even experiments that work. I'll take failed experiments. That, in my book, is pretty normal. I want to wake up on time, go to the gym, go to lab, write detailed notes in my notebook, get most of the things on my very achievable list done, feel good about myself, come home, make chai, chat with a friend or two ..just simple small talk..gossip..inconsequential stuff... Or chat with my niece. Or ask to talk to my niece and hear her say "no...!!" :) Read a book..go out- weather permitting, make dinner, eat, sleep. That's all I want.

No shockers. No curve balls. No sad stories of anyone else. No stressful conversations. No emails that bring me down. No fukat ka mach mach. No worrying. No wondering. No pondering. No post-mortem-ing. No nothing.

I want.


chirpy-paaro said...

For now all i can say is : AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

oh! My god!!! Yes , yes ,yes

Sakshi said...

Okies. Ping me. I can talk nansense and make you feel good. I gossip too. Tell all juicy things.
And and and.. for you I will also sing. Only for you. See what a good friend I am :P

P said... you want a hug?

Anonymous said...

The answer is 42

tgfi said...


hmm. i take that as affirmative agreement of this post and nothing else, yeah?

oh yeah. i have full faith in your gossip capabilities. singing rehne de. :)

hug is always welcome :)

i knew that! :)