Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terror attacks in Mumbai

Hope you and yours are doing okay.

There's thanksgiving holiday cheer all around me in the lab. Then I open up my browser to this news. Sent out a bunch of smses. I heard back from some of my close friends back home. Still waiting to hear about others, some that work in those very hotels.

Such a horrible senseless act. Shame on those bastards.

Prayers for all those in danger or affected.


Macho Girl said...

Sure is shocking news so close to the holidays. I was just stunned for a few minutes after I saw the headlines online. Pointless bloodshed, yet again.

Hope you hear from all your friends real soon!

Tachyoson said...

Hope every1 u know is hale n hearty.

chirpy-paaro said...

It was really a shameful act... My hubby was in building next to oberoi..he stayed there for whole was so horrible!!!

Anonymous said...

Really really a sad incident.
I can only imagine what Mumbaities feel at this moment... :(

Anonymous said...

Its something everyone would feel, but Mumbaikars are most affected... :(

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

MG, tachyoson,

yeah. I've heard from most of them now.

glad to know your hubby is doing ok. it must've been nerve wracking for you.

Ms T,
yeah. :(