Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thank god she doesn't read my blog.

So, like I posted in the earlier post, I found out that we could call the NYT and order a back-issue. When I did that, I was given a few options: of staying on hold for 27-45 mins, of leaving my number and having them call me in 27-45 mins, or of leaving my number and specifying a time for them to call me back. Way cool! I thought. And left my number for them to call me within 45 mins.

No call came. I had to turn my phone off after an hour since I was in a meeting. Of course, then 3 calls come from them and all I had was mechanical noise in my voice mail.

I call back the 1-888 number for back-issues, mentally prepared to go through the whole thing again. Instead, this time I get a recorded message saying that if one was specifically looking for the back-issue of Nov 5th, they were now available on the website at Else we could continue holding.

I had mixed feelings at this point. In one sense, I was very impressed with NYT and how they rose to the cause and made things to streamlined in a tech-savvy and efficient fashion. Another part of me didn't want the NYT that badly any more. If it was going to be on sale like some damn merchandise that anyone could get, it just seemed less special. In any case, I decided to go online and buy it.

I couldn't access the site for the longest time. Finally gave up. Tried a few times, and had the same problem. Soon after, instead of my browser just hanging, I began to get a message that read "We are experiencing high traffic volumes. Please try at another time. Don't worry, there are plenty of Nov 5th copies available".

Heh. So people were flooding the ordering website now. Think of the number of crazy people out there.


I decided to wait it out a day, counting on their promise that there were plenty copies.

In the meantime.. remember her? Yeah, her. So I have gotten really friendly with her over the months. Being a regular face in the library and one that always offers feedback, asks questions etc, we developed a good rapport. I approached her on Thursday and asked if she had a copy of yesterday's NYT. She showed me where the old newspapers for the week are stacked. I asked her what happened to them at the end of the week..she said they got recycled. Exercising some self-restraint so I didn't come off as some despo trying to get my hands on the paper only to e-bay it, I asked if I could have them instead. She willingly and happily agreed.

So now I have a copy each of the NYT, the WSJ AND the Philly Inquirer. Is that cool or what?? :)


Anonymous said...

What was so special about that paper?
Is it because Obama was on it, and that he became the President?

U became a total American, kya? :)

phatichar said...

Now I don't have words...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ms T,
yeah..its because its a landmark event and it'd make a great collectors item. :)

LOL. :)

Sujatha said...

What!! No Washington Post?

Anonymous said...

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