Tuesday, November 25, 2008

W.o.m.m. #32

I miss M. Sometimes nobody else can substitute for that non-judgmental listening understanding ear and laughing company.

As I am writing this post, tubes sit on ice waiting to be processed. And I find myself telling them..I don't care about you, you little pieces of DNA. I don't care if you disintegrate, die, or stick to a complex I can never pull you out of. I just don't care anymore. How about that, eh?

Realised how good that feels.

Also just realised it's not entirely true. A small part of me does care. So I shall go rescue them to appease that small part of me.

But if they don't make it yet again this time most of me won't care. So there.

How we cling on to advice from all and sundry in moments of confusion. Must always remember, that each person's advice comes from a certain perspective..there is really no such thing as unbiased opinion, they are all influenced by whatever experiences that shape that person....and that may not apply to us in totality..or sometimes even remotely.

Blog therapy is awesome. I was in such a funk since this afternoon..and suddenly I feel fine.


Sakshi said...

You are welcome. I am such a bundle of sunshine :P
But I know how it feels about those tubes. I feel that way about an entire project. Sadly, I also felt guilty about not caring.

ferret said...

Hey i am the most non-judgemental person,,, everybody else judges, believe me!!! you need to look no further if you need completely unbiased opinion, advice better :)

Shripriya said...

That's because blog therapy is like real therapy - it is all about verbalizing/vocalizing your issue. And once you do, you can look at it and examine it and feel better about it.

No wonder this nation is hooked on therapy. If only they discovered WOMM, they'd save themselves a bundle!

Tachyoson said...

Blog therapy only good if someone comments on it.Not caring is such an elevating fèeling.But i hope, you care, anyway!

Gradwolf said...

I read somewhere:

"a therapist costs money, a blog doesn't."

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i don't even feel guilty any more. I want to kick all of this away and start afresh.


methinks I need to patent w.o.m.m. now! :)

not necessarily. I feel a good sense of release as soon as I've published a post, even if nobody comments.

heh. blogging is putting them therapists out of business, yeah?