Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year and all that...

First off, sorry for not responding to your comments to earlier posts. I have been busy with all kinds of stuff. and not in the right frame of mind. I will get to it eventually, when I've settled down a bit.

 Happy New Year to y'all. As I sit here with my chai and watch the snow flurries outside, I can't help reflect a bit. My biggest take home from 2008 is not just "Shit happens", but "shit will happen". :) And I'm not being all negative about life when I say that. I think my operating policy from now on is to expect stuff to go wrong. Life is, after all full of twists and turns and in there lies the fun.

I am also getting ready for my move, checking out apartments etc in newcity. I had my first culture shock when I went to check out a place to stay, lets just say it was a rude awakening. And a good sign of what to expect. Again, I'm going to grin and bear it. Because I'm in for a slew of such changes, compromises and settling for what I'd never have thought of. In the bargain, I get to work on something I'm excited about, with a seemingly nice boss, and get to leave the hell that was my workplace in Philly. Yeah! I'll take that. Plus, I get to live close by to people that matter. And several other fringe benefits this city offers when you can see past the dirt and grime. It's going to be another adventure.

The other very important lesson I learned (again) is not to beat myself up over eff ups. The extent of damage caused by that is worse than the actual eff-up. People screw up all the time, the key is to learn, pick up and move on. I know, oft-repeated words but I need the reiteration.

Finally I need to, really need to, really really need to learn efficiency and discipline. Cannot do without it going forth from here.

And life is a lot more than these momentary upsets. Spare a thought, some effort and possibly some money towards the truly lesser-privileged.

2008 brought a lot of good things too for me. Definitely neutralises a lot of the shit that happened. So there: shit will happen, valuable lessons will be learned and good things will come along. :)

Happy New Year all of you! :)


bhakit said...

Wish you a very happy and successful new year.

Anonymous said...

hey, i like that line - shit will happen, valuable lessons will be learned and good things will come true