Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One more pointless w.o.m.m before 2008 ends

1) So this whole thing about "What are you doing for 31st???" is a tad irritating. I've spent several New years eves just sleeping through it, being woken by my mom to eat cake at 12 midnight and going back to sleep. Growing up, I just found it basically impossible to stay awake past 10 pm, and didn't feel bad at all about missing out on the building party or stupid inane tv programs or whatever was the buzz around the midnight of 31st. Even after I came to the US, I recall at least one of more new years eves I just stayed awake like any normal day, took/made a few phone calls at the strike of 12 and went to bed. It was no biggie. Other times I had friends over, went out, braved crazy crowds and had a nice time too. But frankly, I think its quite over-rated, and totally not necessary.

2) Audience question: How many of you readers out there have attempted to set your friends up on a date? Were you yourself single when you did that? I know its a typical thing for a lot of people who're themselves involved in relationships to do, [perhaps stemming from plain and simple envy of your friend's happy and single status] but I am wondering how common it is for single people to set their friends up? Just wondering..


La vida Loca said...

Happy new year to u TGFI!! May all ur cherished dreams come true!

I did set some one up when I was single..long ago. Thought they might be good together. well they eventually broke up

Gradwolf said...

happy new year TGFI!

Set friends up? Err, no, never done it!

Sakshi said...

Heppy new year..
I set up friends all the time if asked nicely.

You want me too?

satish said...

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

1: Completely with you on this! :)

2: Never did this.. I never bothered on the single status of my friends.. and I was happy they were single irrespective of my relationship status.. :)

me said...

hi have read your blog from time to time but first time commentor.

Felt compelled to comment cos my new years was a eve was spent at home watching the telly in the background of major setting up friend scheme going wrong!

I was dating a person (X)(but i consider myself single- it was that sort of dating) and decided to set up my friend (Y) with a friend of the person i was dating(Z) - a long uncomfortable set up diner later Y confesses that she and X had had a scene. Needless to say i think we all spent new years in front of the telly

What's In A Name!? said...


I agree abt hte new year thingy - In fact, I've spent 3 continuous 31st Decembers, with such bad cold, that I had to visit an ENT specialist the next day.. :P

And second thing.

No, I've never done that - In fact, I'm more upset - no one has ever done that to me either! Jeez - I live such a boring life! No boyfriend, and no friend to set me up with someone either!!

Anonymous said...

I set up my roommate at the time with a friend (at the time). It was disastrous! But I guess they had a little fun for a while so maybe we all could learn lessons from that experience! My lesson was don't get in the middle of a relationship!