Monday, December 22, 2008

World Cafe Live and NYSC

So as the lone suggestion came from a local to this post (although i know from my past sitemeter obsession that there are more than one locals that read this blog) (*glares in the general direction of philly IP addresses*) I went to World Cafe Live on Thursday night to check out some good live music.

Now, WCL happens to be home to another memory, that of meeting up with this blog buddy and an awesome evening spent, blossiping and catching up with the counts on election eve last month. :). However, there was no music that night thanks to election mania.

This past Thursday night a party was just clearing out as we went in, so the bar area was very noisy in the beginning with folks all tanked up post-happy hour. But we got some really good seats across from the stage, at a perfect viewing and hearing distance. There were five artists on stage, each of them independent artists and they went about one after the other playing their stuff and they went around the circle 3 or 4 times. Some I liked, some were not my type, but something for everyone, I imagine. They were a part of the New York Songwriters Circle, an interesting concept I just learned about.

WCL itself is pricey , the food was good although not much to choose from for vegetarians. The place is kinda upscale, folks were dressed up. The drinks were awesome. I had this yummy strawberry shortcake something that was simply de-lish. The sound system was nice and it was a pretty nice setting to sit back, relax and enjoy a good performance. The noisy crowd at the bar pretty soon quieted down when the artists were introduced and began singing. The best part is the location, just a stones throw from the train station so we could catch most of the show and make our last train home.

I had a very nice and cosy evening. It was, however very unlike my past live music experiences, though, which were primarily in small town lutom, where the crowds were more intimate, the music and artists much more familiar, and the whole idea was just no-frills-good music and little else. Of course, a lot of that came from being there for so long and identifying the local artists I enjoyed going to on a regular basis, so that is that.

But I've struck that one off my list, and in style too, so on to other stuff on the list like packing and writing. Sigh.


shub said...

Awesome, I'm a sucker for live music and I'm jealous. If you like indie, you should try if you haven't already :)

tgfi said...

will check that out..
btw i meant to tell you you have a great taste in music . :) figured from that nonsense tag u did. :)

come visit me in the US sometime, we'll go explore.