Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am not doing this for you or for me..I'm doing this because I choose to remember the good times over the bad, the happy times over the not-so-happy ones. Thats what makes me happy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


1) Update on name isssue: I think it's going to be Hedwig. (Thanks, Hogwartsbeckons)

I also thought of Eowyn, btw.

FYI I tried out Gabbar but it didn't quite suit my mac.

2) I spoke to an old colleague at my phd lab today. Found out that a large portion of projects that are currently being pursued are spin-offs of my dissertation work. Its such a nice feeling. Made me happy. :)

3) I am bored at work here. I need to sit and think and come up with a strong research goal and plan. Its not coming easy. I think this is the hardest part, sometimes. Been sleeping over my reading. I think I need to start hitting the gym.

4) I made a new friend today. He's cute too. and he promised to introduce me to some cool folks around here. Yay.

5) I cannot stand people who want everything spoon-fed or need everything spelled out. You should not be a post-doc if you don't have the guts to venture out aon your own a bit and think for yourself. Gah.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Naamkaran (Important correction to previous post)

Suggestions invited for christening my spanking new i-Mac at work. Silver-grey in colour, 20 inch wide-screen display and of course, flawless performance. Gender undetermined, will go with the cooler name. :p

FYI, My past laptop was Hobbes, current laptop is Kalia, car was Basanti and bicycle (thanks to an audience poll like this) is Chameli.

Thanks in advance hain.


So far the running shortlist from your comments:
Inspector Vijay

More are welcome. Yes Sakshi, The prize is a coffee/beer/aquiqui if you're ever in my neck of the woods. :p

Thanks all for the great ideas.


Suggestions invited for christening my spanking new i-Mac at work. White, 20 inch wide-screen display and of course, flawless performance. Sex undetermined, will go with the cooler name. :p

FYI, My past laptop was Hobbes, current laptop is Kalia, car was Basanti and bicycle (thanks to an audience poll like this) is Chameli.

Thanks in advance hain.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy tonight

I caught up with my best friend from grad school, S , after over two months this evening! Yeah! At the start of the phone call I could barely talk because of my sore throat etc., and by the end of the two hour phone conversation I was full of life and enthu. Talking to her has uplifted my mood like no other.

We were so woefully behind on each others lives that she "forgot" that I was going to be away in India earlier this year. She left several messages on my voice mail, starting with curses and graduating to panic-filled "Have you been deported from the country, why the eff haven't you returned my calls" kind of messages. Heh. I got to listen to seven of her voicemails when I landed at the airport and it was amusing to see the progression. (We finally exchanged emails after that seventh voicemail).

3 weeks since I got back and we were still talking to each others answering machines. At which point we were both getting restless from this long drawn communication break..not to mention badly missing one another and updating each other on our lives. So we sat down and fixed a day and a time and finally got to talk today. I am exhausted, but I feel great.

The other high point of my day? I went to a talk on campus..the speaker was from the area I did my ph.d. in, and presented some of their latest work which was very much an extension of what I had done. First of all listening to all of that was like music to my ears. Then when I went up and introduced myself to him after the talk, he said "Oh, you're the one who originally found this". That totally made my day, up until the point I came home and talked on the phone to S, then that made my day.

:) yay.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday un-whining

I have a few more complaints, but am afraid this woman will come and yell at me again, so I'll save them for my secret password-protected blog. Hah. Booyah! :p

In the meantime, I'll take her advice and focus on the fun happy things that are going on / coming up

1)This city: an awesome public transport system. I can get from anywhere to anywhere by literally hopping on a bus/train and stopping off. I love it.

I love the crowds,the pace, the cheeky passer-by encounters and all of that.

2) I finally just succeeded in getting a doctor's appointment. Its no mean achievement.

3) My kitchen is set up and fully functional. I'm enjoying everyday cooking..something that I had stopped doing/enjoying for a while in Philly.

4) I love how huge my apartment is. Tons of cabinet space in the kitchen, tons of storage/closet space all over. I can even keep my bike - Chameli, in one of the huge closets. Yeah!. I can't wait to get the rest of my furniture from philly and host people here.

5) I have really nice and friendly neighbours and lab mates.

OK. more later. Got to ru

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Rambling Ranting Blah

The no power situation went on for 3 full days. Thanks to stupid inefficient people at all ends, the housing, the power co and god knows who else. Saturday night, when I was close to giving up and packing up and leaving my apartment, the lights came on.

I was getting better, and now I'm relapsing into the horrid cough, cold and flu-like symptoms all over again. I am getting tired of this game.

Another game I am getting really tired of is phone tag. Have been playing it with close friends and just general folks I need to get stuff done from. Can't do it any more. What's even more annoying is having my calls, messages and everything ignored. Some people need to just learn to say no instead of stringing me along. Stupid fools.

I hate valentines day and all the consumerist hype it brings along. Here's this valentines day's ugly find. Can you believe that? I saw it in all its glory and was so close to throwing up.

I am tired. From doing absolutely nothing. Just plain tired. And I took yesterday off too.

My folks are having a great time in hyderabad. Two big family functions. All that fun stuff I am missing out on, and to think I missed it by 3 a bit painful. But then again, there's no end to that. At least I got to go. And now I've begun experiments, partially settled into my apartment, so I should be happy. Right?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

just moved in and rant is here

About time, wasn't it? I go home today with strong resolves of unpacking some boxes, catching up on phone calls with friends, etc. etc. etc. I reach home to find that my power has been cut off. Talk to the security guard, and she tells me that the stupid power company cut off the power for all apartments that had unpaid dues. Whoever was living in my apartment before me didn't pay their bills for two months, apparently, so I have to deal with this now. So I call the company, tell them I just moved in and was never given any info about opening a new account when I signed the they tell me to fax them proof of my lease, past address and state id. Yes, I have to hunt for all these papers in the dark and fax it across, after which they will restart my power tomorrow.

So i get to spend a night in the dark, stumbling over boxes and what not..instead of my original plans.

I have simmered down enough now to go get me some candles and  enjoy a solitary candle lit dinner now.

The whole snafu is the housing office's fault- of course they are closed now since its  after hours.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Note to self

1) No taking naps in the evening. Ever. They leave me cranky, disoriented and I got nothing done. And now I can't sleep. Ugh.

2) Junk mail will be shredded and thrown the minute it comes out of the mailbox. This time around, I am not going to collect shoe-boxes full of it to move with me wherever I go next.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

W.o.m.m # something or the other

1) This whole v-day brouhaha. Now of course, I am all against moral policing and those stupid antics that the self-acclaimed keepers of our culture have planned to undertake, including marrying off couples etc. Its plain idiotic and just for that, needs to be met with revolt. However, why such a big deal about v-day to start with? I was never a fan of this hallmark holiday- and I really don't see why we need to assert our rights to celebrate love all of a sudden on Feb 14. The best slap in the face to both: obnoxious-red-colour-heart-shaped-merchandise-producing-companies and the ram sena whatever folks would be to let v-day come and go, totally uneventful, and start coochie-cooing the day after.

2) My doctor friend once complimented me on being a "good patient". I take a lot of pride in that, given that it was coming from a qualified person and a close friend. I am doing all the good things- herbal tea ,saltwater rinses, lots of fluid, and trying the lot of rest thing but its getting frustrating, because I'd really love to be outside exploring my place right now, the weather's not too bad either. But I'm too tired. Have been battling this horrid bronchitis and a toothache to top it all. Finally dragged myself to the dentist yesterday because the toothache was killing me. I sat in the waiting room, hacking my guts out, and the guy next to me says "Looks like you got the wrong doctor". Hahahahaa. That was funny. I like this city already. :)

AND OH BTW, Mazhalai- great idea on the humidifier. That definitely helped. Thanks. :) (See the good that comes from blogging?)

3) My new labmates have been really nice. Offers of help included stealthily obtained antibiotics (from China!)  in case I couldn't afford a doctor because my insurance hasn't kicked in yet..but I said no to that one. Mostly because I am against the idea of careless use of antibiotics, esp. in case of flu-type symptoms which are more often than not viral.

4) This place definitely seems quite conducive to making friends. I hope I make a few good friends to hang out with. Yesterday I was walking down the hallway and overheard a couple pass by, speaking in telugu. It made my day. :) ;)

5) Feeling much better today. Hope to be fit and fine tomorrow to undertake some heavy duty U-hauling and moving.

6) I want to go see Slumdog Millionaire.

7) My sis and niece are still in hydie. I miss my niece terribly, and am missing out on all the fun they're having there.

8) Am going to go back and sleep now. Ta.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Early Morning Crib

I am really irritated at the fact that my apartment doesn't have curtains or blinds. And it has these wide huge windows to top it all. What rubbish! I spend all this money to live by myself, so I can avail of clothing optional rule in my own apartment, but clearly not until I go out and buy fixtures and curtains and all of that crap.

I have a sore throat, cough and all that fun stuff.

Don't even get me started on the heating in this apartment, Ancient oil radiators, that can either be on or off...I have taken to opening up the windows to let some cold blast in just to cool the place down. My skin is unhappy and ...argh.

/rant. on the fun stuff: I will be starting Experiment #1 today. Yippeee doo! :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Settling in...

As  jet lag and science-inertia is waning, I am settling into my new job and enjoying the feeling of being back at work, planning an experiment and reading literature. The most natural, impulsive feeling I feel is plain and raw excitement, but unfortunately, its now tempered by a self-preserving cautionary hue that keeps overtaking the enthusiasm. Its a bit frustrating, I need to figure out if I want to let go or just get used to it and arrive at a balance of sorts. Anyhoo, its fun to be back in a campus environment, nasty weather notwithstanding.

As a housewarming present, I got a subscription to the daily newspaper. Its a great feeling to wake up in the morning, find the paper at my doorstep, and spend time with my chai and reading a real paper. I am loving this part of my routine. :)

No internet at home yet, sometimes I steal from any available wireless. So blogging/ responses to comments may be slow. 

Am going to brave the weather and go out to lunch now. Ciao ciao.