Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy tonight

I caught up with my best friend from grad school, S , after over two months this evening! Yeah! At the start of the phone call I could barely talk because of my sore throat etc., and by the end of the two hour phone conversation I was full of life and enthu. Talking to her has uplifted my mood like no other.

We were so woefully behind on each others lives that she "forgot" that I was going to be away in India earlier this year. She left several messages on my voice mail, starting with curses and graduating to panic-filled "Have you been deported from the country, why the eff haven't you returned my calls" kind of messages. Heh. I got to listen to seven of her voicemails when I landed at the airport and it was amusing to see the progression. (We finally exchanged emails after that seventh voicemail).

3 weeks since I got back and we were still talking to each others answering machines. At which point we were both getting restless from this long drawn communication break..not to mention badly missing one another and updating each other on our lives. So we sat down and fixed a day and a time and finally got to talk today. I am exhausted, but I feel great.

The other high point of my day? I went to a talk on campus..the speaker was from the area I did my ph.d. in, and presented some of their latest work which was very much an extension of what I had done. First of all listening to all of that was like music to my ears. Then when I went up and introduced myself to him after the talk, he said "Oh, you're the one who originally found this". That totally made my day, up until the point I came home and talked on the phone to S, then that made my day.

:) yay.


chirpy-paaro said...

I have one friedn with whom if I dont talk once in 2 days...I get restless...infact both our families know that we need to talk to each other..Its so relaxing after speaking to ur best friend!!!

La vida Loca said...

yaaay! *clap clap*
So my prediction about you is kinda true after all. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah! indeed it is relaxing..

what prediction????? i'm hazaar curious now.

P said...

"Oh, you're the one who originally found this".
That's awesome!!!!! I can well imagine how good that must have felt.'ve arrived! :)