Thursday, February 12, 2009

just moved in and rant is here

About time, wasn't it? I go home today with strong resolves of unpacking some boxes, catching up on phone calls with friends, etc. etc. etc. I reach home to find that my power has been cut off. Talk to the security guard, and she tells me that the stupid power company cut off the power for all apartments that had unpaid dues. Whoever was living in my apartment before me didn't pay their bills for two months, apparently, so I have to deal with this now. So I call the company, tell them I just moved in and was never given any info about opening a new account when I signed the they tell me to fax them proof of my lease, past address and state id. Yes, I have to hunt for all these papers in the dark and fax it across, after which they will restart my power tomorrow.

So i get to spend a night in the dark, stumbling over boxes and what not..instead of my original plans.

I have simmered down enough now to go get me some candles and  enjoy a solitary candle lit dinner now.

The whole snafu is the housing office's fault- of course they are closed now since its  after hours.



anantha said...

Whoa.. still winter in our parts, no? From what i understand, the law says that utility companies cannot cut off heat/power during the winter months, even if people don't pay bills.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

my heating is gas, not electric. so may be it doesn't aply?