Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday un-whining

I have a few more complaints, but am afraid this woman will come and yell at me again, so I'll save them for my secret password-protected blog. Hah. Booyah! :p

In the meantime, I'll take her advice and focus on the fun happy things that are going on / coming up

1)This city: an awesome public transport system. I can get from anywhere to anywhere by literally hopping on a bus/train and stopping off. I love it.

I love the crowds,the pace, the cheeky passer-by encounters and all of that.

2) I finally just succeeded in getting a doctor's appointment. Its no mean achievement.

3) My kitchen is set up and fully functional. I'm enjoying everyday cooking..something that I had stopped doing/enjoying for a while in Philly.

4) I love how huge my apartment is. Tons of cabinet space in the kitchen, tons of storage/closet space all over. I can even keep my bike - Chameli, in one of the huge closets. Yeah!. I can't wait to get the rest of my furniture from philly and host people here.

5) I have really nice and friendly neighbours and lab mates.

OK. more later. Got to ru


Gradwolf said...

Ah, the public transport is amazing isn't it? And the passer by encounters, of course! In a way, you won't miss Bombay. No?

chirpy-paaro said...

Finally you got what u wanted!!!! Happy Girl!!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

indeed. :)


Shripriya said...

Now I'm sick as a dog and want to whine!! :)

The subway is just so, so awesome! I take it everwhere I can. Get the MetroCard - best deal in town.

Hmm... cooking... want to come to my place and practice cooking? ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

AWWW babe! Here's a huge get well soon hug from me. When do you head back? Or are you back now and sick? That'd really suck! :/

I have this thing against cooking in others kitchens- may be I can get rid of that by taking up your idea...lets do it! :)

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