Saturday, February 07, 2009

W.o.m.m # something or the other

1) This whole v-day brouhaha. Now of course, I am all against moral policing and those stupid antics that the self-acclaimed keepers of our culture have planned to undertake, including marrying off couples etc. Its plain idiotic and just for that, needs to be met with revolt. However, why such a big deal about v-day to start with? I was never a fan of this hallmark holiday- and I really don't see why we need to assert our rights to celebrate love all of a sudden on Feb 14. The best slap in the face to both: obnoxious-red-colour-heart-shaped-merchandise-producing-companies and the ram sena whatever folks would be to let v-day come and go, totally uneventful, and start coochie-cooing the day after.

2) My doctor friend once complimented me on being a "good patient". I take a lot of pride in that, given that it was coming from a qualified person and a close friend. I am doing all the good things- herbal tea ,saltwater rinses, lots of fluid, and trying the lot of rest thing but its getting frustrating, because I'd really love to be outside exploring my place right now, the weather's not too bad either. But I'm too tired. Have been battling this horrid bronchitis and a toothache to top it all. Finally dragged myself to the dentist yesterday because the toothache was killing me. I sat in the waiting room, hacking my guts out, and the guy next to me says "Looks like you got the wrong doctor". Hahahahaa. That was funny. I like this city already. :)

AND OH BTW, Mazhalai- great idea on the humidifier. That definitely helped. Thanks. :) (See the good that comes from blogging?)

3) My new labmates have been really nice. Offers of help included stealthily obtained antibiotics (from China!)  in case I couldn't afford a doctor because my insurance hasn't kicked in yet..but I said no to that one. Mostly because I am against the idea of careless use of antibiotics, esp. in case of flu-type symptoms which are more often than not viral.

4) This place definitely seems quite conducive to making friends. I hope I make a few good friends to hang out with. Yesterday I was walking down the hallway and overheard a couple pass by, speaking in telugu. It made my day. :) ;)

5) Feeling much better today. Hope to be fit and fine tomorrow to undertake some heavy duty U-hauling and moving.

6) I want to go see Slumdog Millionaire.

7) My sis and niece are still in hydie. I miss my niece terribly, and am missing out on all the fun they're having there.

8) Am going to go back and sleep now. Ta.


La vida Loca said...

The city u are in is a great place for Indian food. This cheers me up coz, the thought that I could get chaat, idli dosa etc at pratically every street corner is good. Didn't have that luxury in KS.

Satish said...

i want to go see slumdog millionaire too.

mazhalai said...

glad to be of some help :)
Get well soon!

ferret said...

hearing ppl speaking in telugu makes your day!? pliss to be taking everybody, repeat everybody, from my office, to the said hallway. The group at lunch table will be talking in telugu and then considerately stop in between the conversation to ask me, 'You don't know telugu?', 'No' and then continue speaking in telugu!!!!! In the presentation, the question is in english, but the answer is suddenly in telugu, after the first word which is 'uhhh...'
My telugu vocab is at 6 words right now, i don't mind saying those in the 46656 different combinations possible if that's what makes you happy!!!

Sujatha said...

I have a totally personal reason for hating V-day and so would whole-heartedly endorse moving it to the next day. :)

And yes, do see Slumdog.

And I hope you feel better soon.

Sakshi said...

@Ferret - That happens in my lab too. Except the language is chinese. ARRGGGGH!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i agree. desi food cheers me up too, and getting it easily is a huge bonus.

lets go! :)

thanks. :)

LOL. my sympathies. I heard of that problem.

yeah, it should be moved out of the calendar! :)

lol. :)