Thursday, February 26, 2009


1) Update on name isssue: I think it's going to be Hedwig. (Thanks, Hogwartsbeckons)

I also thought of Eowyn, btw.

FYI I tried out Gabbar but it didn't quite suit my mac.

2) I spoke to an old colleague at my phd lab today. Found out that a large portion of projects that are currently being pursued are spin-offs of my dissertation work. Its such a nice feeling. Made me happy. :)

3) I am bored at work here. I need to sit and think and come up with a strong research goal and plan. Its not coming easy. I think this is the hardest part, sometimes. Been sleeping over my reading. I think I need to start hitting the gym.

4) I made a new friend today. He's cute too. and he promised to introduce me to some cool folks around here. Yay.

5) I cannot stand people who want everything spoon-fed or need everything spelled out. You should not be a post-doc if you don't have the guts to venture out aon your own a bit and think for yourself. Gah.


Sakshi said...

I cannot stand people who want everything spoon-fed or need everything spelled out.


La vida Loca said...

Do you remember what I said after we met? About you keeping ur name secret and all? Its becoming truer and truer :)
I am happy for you

Hogwartsbeckons said...

Awe! Have fun with Hedwig!

Born a Libran said...

On point # 5, really? Schei├če!!! What was I all this time?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i swear that was not hinted at you. :p

:-) Thanks babe!

Right now i'm trying out Eowyn still not final. ;)

More like, where were you all this time? How you been?

Born a Libran said...

I have been good... Thanks... Been here and there... Off blogging cos I can't see myself doing it regularly at the moment... But I am still where you can catch me anytime... You know how...:)