Thursday, March 26, 2009

I got me my own internet connection

Yeah! Let's hope this sees me blogging more. Also a resolve to go to work early, come back early and have time for other things, instead of what I do right now, which is go late, come home late, sleepily eat dinner and crash.

(I know, I've said it before, but I'm saying it again. Got to start somewhere, right?)

Career planning: As I had blogged earlier, I want to get serious about planning more concrete goals for myself for the near future. Also read this very interesting interview with science editor Barbara Strauch today in the New York Times, and am increasingly becoming attracted to the idea of Science journalism. I need to explore this a bit..perhaps by doing some science writing to start with..

Also want to explore science education/outreach. I think that will be cool.

Just brainstorming. Hopefully I'll have more solid ideas in due time.


Satish said...

and what abt long term planning? a Nobel award perhaps?!

Too lazy to sign in.. Sakshi said...

Science journalism is dying. Well, so are newspapers - so you might want to rethink that option. Unless ofcourse, you dont mind an editorial job at one of the Journals. I would love to do it (enough to give up bench work).
But it would be nice if you take up science blogging, just in case :)

Born a Libran said...

Well we could start with bringing our dear old Scientific Curiosity back to life :) But ya, with Sakshi... There were a whole series of blog posts last week about the death of Science journalism and whether science blogs can plug the gap between scientists and the general public...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Yeah, journalism is not just restricted to newspapers, you can write for pop-sci / in-house periodicals, magazines and for that matter even new media (online publishing). I am not necessarily trying to get away from bench science myself, but want to find my path to a full-fledged career, which i'll enjoy and find satisfying.

Yeah, been following some of those posts, I guess the jury is still out on whether science-blogging can replace science journalism..
But yeah, reviving Sci Curiosity is a great starting point, although, I am inclined to start over and de-link science-writing from my personal blog..

Sayesha said...

I second Sakshi, get an editorial job with a journal, hopefully a Wiley one! :P :P :P

Born a Libran said...

Dont talk to me about science journalism at the moment... I write my freaking paper... I give them the blurb for the press release... Why do they even exist? Can't understand paper it seems - interviewing is one thing, saying they can't handle the press release themselves is another!! Bah!!

PS: Sorry. Rant done. When mood is better, we can start thinking about getting Scientific Curiosity back up. Hint: don't ask me now!

sd said...

How about writing books. Seriously. Have you read this book - Chaos: Making a New Science, by James Gleick.

We need more cool authors like James Gleick to convey the beauty of science.

Amrita said...

I was blog surfing and came across your blog and this post. I have been toying with the very same ideas and areas of interest. Im a PhD student and hope to finish soon and during the course of my studies I realised that I hated being cooped up in a lab and preferred human interaction!
Science journalism maybe dying out but science education and outreach is certainly an up and coming field. I have been involved in a lot of educational outreach and have been scoping out career options.
Good luck with your goals :-D