Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have a few friends I talk to regularly..quick catch up on my way home from the lab (when its not freezing/windy as hell), or other fill-in times. With them there's no phone tag, because nobody's keeping count...and I rarely ever leave a message for them, - I know we will get to talk very soon, and the whole point of the phone call was to just talk. They are also the friends to call when I'm stuck and need directions or bus schedules pulled off the internet. And when these begin to disappear from my phone's memory of recently dialed numbers I know its high time to put them back on the list where they belong. :)

Then there's the other kind who are so hard to reach by phone, that the list of things I am dying to share with them keeps growing, and we end up having a marathon phone session which is the result of an organized and planned phone-date of sorts...those are fun and liberating in a different way.

What was the point of this post? Nothing really...just something that I got thinking about last evening on my way back from lab...and wanted to put it down.


Sakshi said...

I am lousy when it comes to making phone calls - I would rather email :)

Anonymous said...

''They are also the friends to call when I'm stuck and need directions or bus schedules pulled off the internet.''

Next time you and pansy ask!

tgfi said...

phone ka maza hi kuch alag hai..

eff. o.

(And get yourself a blog id while you're at it, ok?)

Anonymous said...

I agree, phone ka maza kuch alag hota hai. It's sad that now we rely on texting,gtalk and msn. It's just not the same

Born a Libran said...

I am with Sakshi on phone frequency.. Though I do have my list of friends whom I can call anytime and ask for directions... Off course, I never do that anymore... the phone takes care of that now...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah gtalk and msn etc have changed our ways of communication a lot.

congrats on your iPhone. :-)