Monday, March 23, 2009

Seize the day

Spent the weekend with my sister after what seems like ages since she finally got back from India. My 3 yo niece is now a total chatterbox..full of smart repartees and lots of mischief, and lots of desi-fied expressions and mannerisms. An absolute darling and growing up so fast!

I think I have relinquished all rights to complain about lack of time. It doesn't get any better, ever. Unfettered and independent at 30, all my time is mine alone. I watch my sister and her hubby juggle crazy work-lives, taking care of a kid and all of that, and can't help reflect back on my rather luxurious time-spending habits. In my daily chores, I am not the quickest unless I have a train or plane to catch (And sometimes not even then) and hate being rushed by anyone else. I like doing things at my pace..which is mostly slow, distracted, thinking of a zillion other things while doing one. This has got to change, even if to just make better use of what I have now, and more to prepare for a much more meaningful life than what I lead now.

Got to run. :)


Sujatha said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Also, I'm going to go one step beyond the face mask suggestion for the coworker-with-bad-breath problem - mint-flavored surgical masks. There's a patent idea. :)

Satish said...

meaningful life, is it?

Raj said...

Thats what I love about being single and independent too. I can make an elaborate plan on how to spend the day and then do something completely different or nothing at all!

tgfi said...

that too...

haan, why not?

Yeah, I agree. But we also build up a lot of resistance towards any kind of imposed change in the process..without realising it.

Satish said...

because, i think - whether your life was meaningful - is for others to say.

werent you the one who said that "you pay taxes then you die!".

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I didn't say that about taxes, its a well known saying, though. ;)

Well..I agree about the first part- its for others to say..but at the very least, I need to feel like I'm leading one, right?