Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gtalk block

I once blogged about how I blocked one of my best friends on gtalk, so that we'd reserve all the stuff we wanted to talk about for real phone-conversations. Since then, I've had several hits by people searching on google for "how to find out if you have been blocked on gtalk". To do them justice, I will explain in this post how.

Although Gtalk won't let you know if someone has blocked you, eventually, you will find out. For e.g. if A is an annoying bugger who can only think of asking me when I'm getting married, and I don't want to deal with him, I just block him off. and think all is good. But, A might know B, who's also on my list, and they might be having a conversation online at the same time I'm talking to B. B casually mentions, "Why don't you ask tgfi, she's online" and A says "tgfi is online? Not on my list!". Heh. Even worse, is if A sits right next to B in class, and B has that green button lit up on his gtalk list next to my name, and A doesnt.

So, all it takes is one common contact and a lucky moment. Or else some clever sleuthing, which, I am sure you are up for if you are googling "how to find out if i have been blocked gtalk". Yeah?

Admittedly, I secretly enjoyed the moment A discovered he was blocked. :)


satish said...

is this a "love" post? if yes, thank you!

i finally see now.

you are in love with A. B loves you and wants A to know that you dont give a damn about A and have him blocked. May be A is in love with you too, but B is in love with A and wants him to know that you hate him because you have him blocked.

sounds a pretty complicated tale of love.

just one request though - try typing "love" more often when you write a "love" post again.

Thanks again.

Sakshi said...

I just put all people I know into groups. Block them all for the length of time I want peace. This works well with frientances -less than friends, more than acquaintance group of people.
Or just tell the person to stop being a stupid prick, if he is a friend. Works like a charm :)

Prasoon said...

Well well, there is a sure shot way to know if or not someone on your list has blocked youand this doesn't involve you having to ask a common friend btw.

In case you're curious to know how, drop me a mail.

There are moments, there are days, there are mistakes n there are some people - one or all of these reasons is why we have to use the block option n also why we wish to know if we've been blocked.

Sakshi said...

Or you if you have good google fu, you hit pages that teach you how to enable pidgin to do it.
Like this But there is delicious pleasure in telling someone off directly and not surreptitiously.

Gradwolf said...

brilliance, tgfi!

Arpz said...

wicked, and cool

Arpz said...

wicked, and cool

Born a Libran said...

Bollywood rights for Satish's love tale... :P

TGFI said...


i actually enjoyed that the a found out that i blocked him. thats a different kind of happy feeling. :)

and sakshi, prasoon,
er, i am not interested in finding out who has blocked me..(Who would block me??? i am such a darling) but, you guys have addressed whatever is bothering the tons of people that search for it and land up here. :)

gradwolf, arpz,
thank you.

lol. satish has a lot of talent, methinks.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I totally empathise with that last line.

A simpler alternative is to stay invisible on g-mail. "Don't call me, I'll call you".