Monday, June 15, 2009

Suggestions wanted for party activities

OK: So I'm planning a party this saturday: the plan is to basically get a bunch of friends together, chat, drink and bar hop, and a surprise send-off for a friend. But given the mixed crowd (not everyone knows everyone), I'll need more to do than just that, to keep the party going. Any suggestions for bar-games or other ice-breaking activities? Clubbing and dancing is the last resort, since not all are into stuff like something more interactive/personal.

TIA :)


Sakshi said...

Party games, you want? I gots tons of suggestions. But only if you reply to my comment first.

chirpy-paaro said...

hey..the best game i find is always..dumb charades...if all are desi then hindi movies are best time pass!!!

Maganian said...

Am I invited?

ferret said...

oh if its crowd that understands hindi, watch the mithunda classic Gunda. Watch this after a few of those beer shot games, it'll be needed. But when shakti kapoor comes and says his name is chutiya,, it'll be all worth it :D

tgfi said...

please do tell game ideas. pretty please.

chirpy paaro,
yeah, Dumb charades will be there, and so will pictionary

who are you?

Heheh. let me see if i can get my hands on the movie.