Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Up or Down?

Poll q: Should guys put the toilet seat down after they are done?


tgfi said...

for plain and simple hygiene reasons, i think that no one should have to touch the toilet seat that could have gotten someone else's pee spray on it.

Sakshi said...

oye why are you replying to your own post!

And all women will agree that the men should put the seats down. As I advice all my friends - for healthy marriage have separate bathrooms.

Tabula Rasa said...

nope. six of one...

shub said...

Of course!

Gradwolf said...


aequo animo said...

if its just a man & woman time sharing one toilet, the protocol should be to toggle seat position after use.
All men, all women cases are easier to handle.
If one man , more women. Toggle still works
If many men, one woman, one woman takes care of toggling herself :D

hope this solves the problem for ever

ggop said...


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

first I thought I'd withhold my take until I hear from the commenters, but then I couldn't just hold it back. :p

Separate bathrooms is escapist!

six of one what?

shub, gradwolf, ggop,
sigh. I agree

I don't agree with the toggle thing. It still means that a woman has to touch the seat AND rely on a man to remember to toggle.

Man has the advantage of peeing while standing, and hence, the risk of spraying. Therefore he should bear the costs. Also, its rather inconvenient for a woman to have to put the seat down, wash her hands, then proceed to pee, whereas a man can put it down after peeing, wash his hands and leave.

Sakshi said...

If the default position for the seat is down, wouldn't men have to pick it up, wash their hands, pee, put it down, wash hands?
While I agree that men still should put it down, it seems unfair that men have to touch the seat twice whereas the women only once.. so separate bathroom wins :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

the men lift seat so they can pee standing, and put it down because thats the position its supposed to be in. thats the cost they incur for being able to pee standing.