Tuesday, June 30, 2009

w o m m

These days, every time I put down my thoughts in a post, save it as a textfile to publish on the blog, I end up reading it later and deleting it without posting. Happens each and every time. Almost happened to this one too. :)


Gradwolf said...

start a sicrit blog like Pri and invite us!

satish said...

the above comment adds a whole new dimension to the whole problem.

if i ever read my posts before publishing them(yes, i blog! - and you should come read them, and i dont usually tell people to read my blog but i wud like it if you did - anyway,) I feel - is there really a need to post this crap?! but i post it anyway - you see its my crap.

and you are doing just fine. deleting posts is a national sin (was it crime?) but then i have always liked the word redemption.

i am posting a loong comment after such a long time. i feel good.

Parul said...

The key is in not reading it. Ever. Just write and hit publish.

But then, I never was a believer in quality control.

Sakshi said...

I know. I think I should just quit blogging and just disappear.