Thursday, June 11, 2009

w.o.m.m (i've stopped numbering now)

My friend S *might* visit me. The very thought brings a smile to my face. We haven't seen each other in over 2 years now, and I am sure her presence along with her awesome hugs will see me through a lot of crap.

I need to put in more effort in fighting off negative thoughts, focusing on the positives. It goes a long way and is much better use of energies. Also need to figure out a way to stop certain people affecting me too much. Pinch of salt, pinch of salt...

When receiving gifts, I was always taught "It's the thought that counts". What thought? , I wonder now. The mere thought behind the act of gifting, or the thought that went into what the gift would be. I see people judging gifts way too often, and I can't help wonder whether they were never taught this simple lesson, or whether there's more to it than just the thought that inspired the gift, that warrants discussions galore about the gift-value, utility, suitability etc. etc.

I am thankful for my hmm-friends. Friends that nod and say hmm when I say something, and when I say the exact opposite thing, and the hmms and nods are still there. :)

I have learned a few good habits over the past couple months: bringing my lunch to work, waking up early to enjoy some quality time by myself instead of jumping out of bed and rushing to work..I am liking it.


Satish said...

i find hmmm.. friends annoying



Nupur said...

cool, i too need to learn and follow few good habits like getting up early and cooking my own dubba :)

Basav Biradar said...

hmmm.. i myself am planning to wake up early and atleast drink tea/coffee before going to work but alas.. it never happens :(.. thanks to my being up till late in the night.. will take some inspiration from you.. btw check out my site -