Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cab driver conversation

Cab driver: So you are from India?
Me: Yes, Mumbai, big city, blah..
Cab driver: So I hear the trains are very crowded there in the subway
Me: Yes, absolutely, especially during peak hours..blah..
Cab driver: Well, you need passenger pushers, like they have in Tokyo.
Me: What? (the f**k?)
Cab driver: Yeah, look it up on YouTube! Passenger pushers in Japan.

This is what I find.

So much WTF-ness.


sivaram said...

I have had similar experiences, not so bad though. If you wait for the next train it is the same story and it happens everyday. I live in suburbs of tokyo though so might not be so unfortunate.

Prasoon said...

been there, seen that! i call myself lucky. Korea has worse situations wrt crowds i heard.

Tokyo has something else - it is to be experienced. it is many times of what Mumbai is - face yet organised and peaceful. go there and see it - i beg of you :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, i can imagine, that if you wait for the next train its the same story. I wonder if I should be thankful that the trains in mumbai didn't have doors, and therefore didn't need this.

I'd love to go...

Ms Taggart said...

Totally WTF! Did you notice how meticulously they are adjusting ppl's dresses while closing the doors???

tgfi said...

Ms T,
they were trying to make sure nothing is sticking out because if clothes/bags stick out the dorrs won't shut fully and the train won't move.

Prasoon said...

The trains there are known for their punctuality - the Shinkansen boasts of 6s average delay over an year. Can you imagine what a 6sec delay means?
We were told that if the train is late by 10mins, we get a kind of token at the departing station which can act as a valid excuse at the office. Beat that!

DONOT ever leave the chance to visit Tokyo - rather, start looking for the tickets. :)

t said...

What the... ? Agle station pe kya hoga? Apparently, you can only alight, not board again :))

tgfi said...

interesting stuff!

i know! i imagine they all fall right out and get packed back in!