Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not just another rant..

Jabberwock rants ..and I can so totally empathise.

I barely use Facebook at all, but even I know that the vile thing keeps generating these sidebar reminders that tell you – starting at least four days in advance, so you can buy virtual sheep or eggs as gifts – whose birthday it is, and when. This makes it impossible, no matter how intently you try, to forget anyone’s birthday (except for those who are sensible enough not to include the date in their Profile details, like your truly). And these notifications are magnets for people who find it therapeutic to post a standard-form “Hey, happy birthday! Have a good one :) ” on the Facebook page of someone whom they’ve never met and never want to

Well, admittedly I found the link via Bongopondit's tweet, but I think it needs some good ol' blog-link-love.


greensatya said...

Isn't this is the problem with every social networking site ? So why this cribbing now or is it for all the social networking sites ?

I recently found that almost every one who was on Orkut suddenly are on facebook, so admittedly the craze for social networking sites is not going anytime soon.

(Edited my above comment, hence double posting)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah, as the blogger admitted, he has been cribbing about all social networking sites. :) He just spelled it out really well.

you are right, f'book seems like the new orkut, and there's twitter..we just have to get used the mania as it is here to stay, it seems.