Friday, July 31, 2009

Twitter: first impressions

Doesn't make any sense to me. I trawled around and see some people literally using it as some kind of IM-board: why would you choose such a cumbersome way to have conversations? So there's a whole bunch of RT and @so-and-so and back-and-forth-ness.

Others "tweet" every silly detail of their lives: I mean stuff like what they ate for dinner, how they are feeling sick etc. (There was even a series of "Tweets" on someone giving birth and the twitter-er "claiming" it as India's first Twitter baby!)

Some post equally mindless, inconsequential pics. I wonder what would happen to their irresistible urge to relay every detail of their lives if twitter charged by the character.

And all these words: tweeple, tweet, twitpic..I mean seriously, twitpic?

Then some post interesting links with a one line opinion and some intelligent or not-so-intelligent arguments, if only those links and arguments were blogged: it would make it so much easier for non-tweeple to follow.

Some make witty comments on daily life that crack me up. Those are fun.

There are celebrity twitter-ers with fan-followings and people getting giddy with excitement when one of them responds to their tweets..

I admire the community-building aspect of any form of social networking, and twitter does that ..also think the underlying design is cool and simplistic- for example: hashtag a topic so that one can keep track of a trend, etc..quite cool without being overly complicated.

Other parts of it reek to me of exhibitionism and gross misuse and overuse- and has made me question everything I blog about myself: probably similarly exhibitionist, I think, but I maintain that I mainly blog to clear my head, vent, or keep track of events..and am still debating whether each of those defenses hold up for a twitter-er tweeting about stomach sickness or posting pics about great bargain deals they got while shopping at JC Penney.


shub said...

Psh, I don't care. Look me up and add. shubhere :)

Prasoon said...

Valid points.
Only things it helps is when citizens become journalists. The one where they reported about the plane in Hudson and quite a few other live blogging instances - this is where it really excels.
Somehow somewhere, people miss it. I am might pissed off when I see people using it as a chat room or sometimes when they write something in 5 tweets - come on, how difficult is it putting them on a blog. If 140 chars, put it on twitter else, blog it. No? :)

satish said...

very tempting indeed. but it will take more than that! may be you should let us follow you.

chadh gaya uper re. atariya pe lotan kabootar re. tooter tooter.

bongopondit said...

great bargain deals they got while shopping at JC Penney

but..but but your 653 followers are eagerly waiting to know how much of a bargain you stuck at JCP, or if there is a discrepancy of $1 between your credit card statement and the receipt of the purchase. How could you possibly disappoint all them Tweeples ? :)

Anonymous said...

I hate twitter. And I hate how ppl follow you without your permission.
And I hate the narcissism around it, where ppl tweet about everything.
FB is my limit, thats it!

tgfi said...

i sent a request


:-) its 647.

Ms T,
:) so i guess everyone has their limits of narcism then...

satish said...

you dint reply to my comment. i am offended.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

sorrry! i don't "Tweet". just follow people...