Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two concerts

Last weekend, my sister was accompanying her music teacher on stage at a concert here in the city. I am not exactly a Hindustani classical music enthusiast but of course went to watch my sister sing. I felt really proud and had this "she's my sister" grin on my face while she was up there, along with her classmates, doing a really good job performing to a very diverse audience including the hoity-toity East village crowd.

The concert was in a beautiful church, it was nice to see such a huge mix of westerners and indians at a hardcore Hindustani classical music concert. This hot swiss guy next to me was telling me about his interests in fusion music etc...all in all a nice time. They also had some awesome khana including some of the best sooji ka halwa I have eaten recently. So as I piled it on my plate, and was chatting with my sis and her classmate before they went up on stage, her classmate (high school kid) said "I wish I could eat like that, you know, but i can't eat well before singing". LOL. The same kid made up for it by telling me that I looked 25, so its all good.

The best part was that my sister came home with me that night, we cabbed it all the way as it was pretty late (yeah- a first in my poor-postdoc-book and deserves a mention ;))and stayed up gossiping until 4 am the next morning. My b-i-l and niece came over later that morning with brunch, I had a nice time playing silly games with my niece and enjoyed playing host to my sis and b-i-l for a change.

Yesterday, I went to an open air concert where Kailash. Kher was performing. It was a great setting- nice evening, beautiful park, people sitting out on blankets in the grass as well as a whole seating area with chairs etc. All this, and it was free! :) He gave a really energetic performance, again, a very mixed crowd and a great crowd! Everyone was up on their feet dancing and swaying to the music, and kher did a good job with his occasional quips directly translating from hindi to english that had us in splits. :)

Sitting out there in the park, watching kher and the other opening band Electro Morocco perform, brought back happy memories of my lutom days, where going to concerts was such a frequent treat. I remember cribbing on this blog during my Philly days, about not getting into it, and now here I am, glad for this reminder of how much fun live music and the wonderful atmosphere is, again. Looking forward to exploring more of this as long as the summer lasts.


Ni said...

I want to go to a concert too.
Take child! someone??

Your sister is trained singer, like classical!!

tgfi said...

yeah..get someone to take care of child and go!

yeah, my sis, still. but it is pretty wow, i agree.. :)