Monday, July 13, 2009


I think I've made my peace with whatever was weighing down on me..sort of proud of myself for such a quick comeback. Yay!

There will always be some amount of prevailing blues/nostalgia/missing someone who had gotten to be a very integral part of my life: of subway rides, city-exploring, visits and day-to-day life-events. But such is life: and that seems acceptable to me, now.

I am still torn between understanding how much "effort" one must put in a long distance relationship, and how much should be just left alone, to take whichever course it takes.

Was reminded by different people in different contexts that I have been admired by them for my foresight and maturity. Lapped up all of that and appreciate the votes of confidence. :)

Some good summer days have finally shown up! Am enjoying walking about the city, figuring out the subways and streets.


Sakshi said...

Long distance or not, all relationships need work. The effort you put in depends upon at what level the relationship is.

My gyan for the day. Adjusted for inflation my thoughts cost you $1.50. Thank you :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

$1.50! such exploitation, that too by another post-doc. Never expected this of you. tsk tsk

Born a Libran said...

These days the gyan rate has gone up... That is discounted price baba... Last seen, I was trying to collect commission of $0.50 from Sakshi... Have to make money for my road trip... :)

Anonymous said...

Girl.. all relationships need work. Sometimes you feel you are better off alone! :)
But, I am an expert on long-distance.. You can approach me for any doubts! *Proud gloating grin*

Sigh.. you guys are cribbing abt a $1.50 inflation? Come to India man.. see how it is here!

And BAL is alive.. wow... I am soo happy! :P

Born a Libran said...

@Ms Taggart: Alive and at your service...

tgfi said...

so you're telling me i had a good deal?

Ms T,
thanks for some more gyaan. and for not demanding a fee. ;)