Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Been a really crappy week- well, we're just mid-week at this point, so I am hoping the worst is past and things get better from here on.

I don't know where I stand work-wise: things are moving slowly: sometimes I stress about the fact that I'm not stressed enough at work! I know, thats ridiculous, thankfully I'm quick to realise that and move on. I guess the reason for these passing thoughts is those afternoons of down-time, when I have nothing to do besides reading, and I start getting restless. I have decided to do what always worked for me in the past: make my daily to-do list, and once i have done everything on it, be satisfied and call it a day.

The hardest question to answer about your science: so why is your method/work better than whatever is already out there? (and there's a lot!). I am new to this, since my ph.d. was actually in a niche area- very few people cared about it and hence worked on it. Human cancer is a whole different story. That's the question that brings me down, until I can find a convincing enough answer for it.

I was thinking back to what was possibly the worst phase in my life: my post-doc days in Philly win hands down. Especially the time when things were beginning to unfold, when I was beginning to realize what a mess I was in, and how I should've heeded to instinct earlier. I am glad I left when I did, but it has definitely taken its toll on my confidence, enthusiasm for science, academia, and general direction in life. I doubt my expectations of myself now, and that is not easy to reconcile with. I am afraid I am becoming just another bitter post doc.

On the other hand, I am proud of myself for getting through all of that and for getting out of it. I am glad for all the friends and support network I had around me back then.

Anyways, a migraine induced afternoon nap always inspires such sad ass posts. Tomorrow is a new day, and things will be infinitely better once I get some sleep and lose the headache.

I really shouldn't be watching Rakhi ka Swayamvar, but ...somebody..staaaap me!

If I thought being vulnerable was difficult, its even harder to deal with another person's vulnerabilities. I hope that I do a good job of dealing with them.

My favourite two cliched lines:"This too shall pass" and "All for the best"..I continue to believe in them with unwavering faith :)

So is twitter the lazy blogger's answer? I am seeing that a lot of bloggers I enjoyed reading don't blog any more, but have turned to twitter to post one-line summaries of what could've been at least para-long posts. Does this mean that bloggers don't really like to write, just need a platform to voice their opinion? Hmm?

So I am actually considering getting a twitter account, just to follow all you lazy bums that won't write decent posts on your blogs anymore. Pah.

There was a time I used to abhor the idea of facebook: mostly the idea of people throwing inanimate and animate objects at each other etc. I also abhorred orkut before that. I got on the both the bandwagons, managed to stay out of the cow-throwing activities and enjoy them for being a great medium to rediscover old friends and keep in touch. And network. I am now slowly trying to convince my sister to get on FB. If and when she eventually does, I'll consider it a personal victory. :)

Over and out.


ferret said...

I think all the guys are going to say no to rakhi, she'll shed tears on all news channels about it and announce the swayamwar-II next year. She's too entertaining i tell u, i would never have watched big boss if it wasnt for her prayers to Jhejus.

Yea, too difficult to deal with another person's vulnerabilities. I am hoping i can do well too.

Gradwolf said...

Love it how you start ranting and by the end of the post, you've found your solution. :p

Apparently, no wedding is gonna happen. The winner is going to be asked to choose between truckloads of cash vs Rakhi and he is going to choose cash. :| This is the rumour doing the rounds now.

And even without twitter, I think people have just lost the enthusiasm to write. Ram jaane whyyyyyyyyy......

Ms Taggart said...

Proud of u for having stuck around those Philly days and still not being a bitter post-doc! :)
And Rakhi's swayamwar is a stress buster, girl.. I have been watching it this week! :)

As for the FB, sad we are still not on FB.. *hint* :P

Twitter- Boring! I'd rather blog if I have to microblog!

~Gradwolf: I thought as much.. I was pretty sure Rakhi would not be marrying any of those guys! :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol @ jhejhus. loved the bit where she believed everything a guy said "kyunki unka haath bible par tha". Yeah!

Yea, too difficult to deal with another person's vulnerabilities. I am hoping i can do well too.

good luck with it. am sure the fact that we recognize and appreciate it is a step in the right direction


hehe. that happens sometimes.

I heard that rumor too. I think she'll marry the canadian takla fellow.

Ms T,
thanks babe. and hmm..we don't need FB, baby! :)

Sakshi said...

Abe! Dont mock twitter. Where else can you write about EVERY minute of your day?